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Hello everybody,
I haven't received any Gymglish lesson for three days now, and I'm coming up to lose patience, since wherever I write, I receive no answer to the problem I expound. By chance, I can again join the forum, which was not the case yet this morning...
What's the point in paying for a device I don't get ?
I'm really disappointed, because I've registered a mere ten days ago and this poor starting with such technical problems is all except encouraging.
If somebody can help me, I'm interested.
Thank you and see you soon...maybe !


  • Hello Venus,

    Don't get irritated. The same happened to me but the difference is that I have been using Gymglish for over a year and it is only the second time it has happened. I guess everything will be settled soon.Let's keep our fingers crossed...
  • Calm down, Venus. Keep turning around the sun because there is not any other sun more attractive, more warming and more reliable than ours.

    Of course, as we learn you subscribed only 10 days ago, I can understand that you are amazed. But I've been attending the GG lessons for many months yet and I never missed one lesson. Even with the bug of last Saturday, I didn't miss any lesson, probably because I got my last one very early at night.

    You missed some lessons? I guess you'll be granted by as many additional ones later.
    It's true, GymGlish has not grown up yet but it's improving little by little. The present forum for example has been running for a mere 8 months or so. Once upon a day, it'll be reworked and monitored. That is at least what I'm hoping and expecting.
  • Hello Venus,

    We've been experiencing some difficulties with Hotmail's spam filtering servers, in that they have been viewing GymGlish lessons as junk or spam e-mails.

    We have been trying to contact with Hotmail's technical team, but nothing has been fixed yet. For this reason, do feel free to send your own e-mail to Hotmail ( with the subject line 'PLEASE DO NOT FILTER GYMGLISH'.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    Brian Jones

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