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I can't open the pdf in the grammar part.

The message is : no files....

Can you help me


  • I can't open the pdf in the grammar part.

    The message is : no files....

    Can you help me
  • Dear Guardian Angel,

    Thank you for telling me to check my spam filter. How lucky you are to be able to connect with everyone whenever you want! How helpful you are to come to everybody's assistance!
    Actually, I am not really "complaining" but merely asking for information and you did give me a hint.The trouble is I don't know how to check my spam filter.
    Silky. C.W.
  • Dear Mr Jones,

    As I have already written elsewhere on the forum, it is impossible to get in touch with you at I don't use yahoo, hotmail. I use microsoft outlook and my computer has been checked by a specialist who received a message:"Failure Notice". I won't start the same story all over again. You can find it under:"No more Radio Rhubarb,please" on 11/14/2007. The address I keep using is

    Thank you.
  • If you mark the pdf file and then klick the right mouse button and then follow save under, save it in one ouf your files and the open it from there with adobe. I had the same problem.
    Nice day :-)

    From Jones, Brian Jones:
    Try contacting us at

  • I think the spam filter has nothing to do with an e-mail address.
    I checked 29 minutes ago. No failure notice back.
    The message went through.
    If you can't manage to send them a message, why not getting in touch with your internet provider by mail or by phoning their call center?
    G.A. [CW]
  • Dear Silky,

    Microsoft Outlook is a 'program' for electronic mailing, whereas yahoo and hotmail are sites that (notably) provide an e-mail service. Don't mistake the latter with the former.
    See to it that your provider doesn't trigger a too tight spam filter.

    I wouldn't the present tip prevent Mr Jones, Brian Jones, from answering your complaint. But I couldn't help telling you something about bugs that hit your GG connections. You are used to being so widely helpful to your mates that I have a great deal of respect for you.

    Here in heaven I never have any problem with connections, maybe it's because we get in touch on air, not on wire.
    Angelically yours,


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