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adjectiv or adverb

"This coffee tastes awful", Mr. Warbuckle says to Polly in lesson 7.
Is this correct with "awful" or shouldn´t it be "awfully" as
in my opinion awful in this context is an adverb not an adjectiv?


  • It's an adjective. Similarly:
    The coffee looks hot.
    The cake seems nice.
  • Mr Eugene,
    I'm not as fussy as you about grammar, especially about American/British language which is much flexible. It's written different ways according the place where it's spoken, according the dictionaries that write it -for example- with or without a dash.

    Nevertheless, as Andrew pointed it out, adjectives being used as a manner of an action to be performed remain adjectives.
    So Mr Warbuckle's coffee tasted awful, as it could as well taste good/sour/rough...
    I don't know why those predicates remain adjectives. I don't care... One speaks so as per normal.

    But as you are craving for knowing more and more, I think you have been left unsatisfied. You got the right answer from Andrew - a man who seems to be in - but you would like to learn the rule (if any?).
    On my part I cannot give the rule that I don't know.
    Might my say work as an incentive to make someone tell more about the rule.

    But anyway, don't worry. Keep being happy.
  • In my current GG lesson today I came across this expression:

    Bruno smells badly (adverb)
    Due to an injury, Bruno has no more sense of smell.

    Bruno smells bad. (adjectif) UNTRUE!!
    That would mean that a bad odor is emitted by Bruno. Just like "It smells awful!" or "It smells good here."

    I notice that in the former sentence using an adverb, the predicate is weighing onto the action. In the latter one using an adjective, the predicate is referring to the subject.
    Is it a rule? I don't know much of grammar. If someone would further acquaint me, I'd be thankful.
  • Hi Gee,

    I see that your question(answering Eugene's) has been left unanswered.
    You have stumped me there. I have been trying to think of other examples for eight days( hum!) but unsuccessfully. I'm afraid I can't tell you for sure whether it is a rule. My feeling is that after BE,SEEM, APPEAR,LOOK, SOUND, TASTE, FEEL and SMELL, adjectives can be used to describe the subject of the sentence, not the "action" of the verb but...
    Jean-Pierre, are you still with us?

    Anyway Gee, I am sure your instinct will work... Have you noticed how quiet the Forum is when you vanish for a few days? I did notice it...
    Are you up in the air trying to pick up The Guardian Angel?I am sure you felt he/she/it looked/smelled (I don't dare to write tasted!)beautiful.

    Good luck and be happy.
  • Dear Silky,

    How nice it is to get an explanation from you.
    If you are stumped, who the hell won't be!

    At the particular time you wrote your kind message, I was jammed with my car in Liège city that looked misty, if not foggy. Due to a temperature inversion (air in altitude warmer than near ground) the air mass close to ground is stagnant. So the whole carbon dioxide produced by road traffic, house heating, steel mills and other industrial plants build up small particles floating midair so as to make the atmosphere looking foggy.

    But last Tuesday from 20:00 to 22:00 LT, I was flying over Liège and the region. The sky was clear, half moon. I could marvel at the lighted canopy of heaven. Looking for flapping wings of an angel I could hardly point out many aircraft position lights. But I have to confess that the sight down was outstanding with the cities, rivers, roads and the airport lightings.
    I woudn't wonder if our guardian angel be busy preparing his upcoming heavy Christmas duties. [Aren't you overhearing, Angel?]

    About yourself, Silky, I sometimes wonder why you are roaming here around. You seem to have a so perfect command of English! Lucky we are to get your help.
    Many thanks and loves.
  • Mr Gee,

    [cs] As Silky doesn't follow-up your [CW], I'd like to point out to you that "At the particular time you wrote.." could better be told this way by any staff of the Delavigne Corp.: "At the particular point of time you wrote...". [Suggested on the basis of my GG lessons.]

    Yeah! I overheard the stories you told about me. Angels come down to earth on scheduled days only. Moreover I felt so cold [CW] last Tuesday and I wouldn't have made my feathers dirty by flapping wings in the polluted air. In fact angels are now on rehearsal of their upcoming show of next Monday night.

    See you later, aviator.
  • At this particular POINT in time, I'm busy thanking an angel for pointing out to me that a particular point IN time is a very precise spot in time.

    I quite understand that you WOULD have made your feathers dirty and therefore you cancelled every flight because you WOULDN'T MAKE your feathers dirty. Isn't that right?

    See you later, "angelicer".
  • That's perfectly right, Gee!
    Thank you for fixing my two bugs.

    See you later, alligator.

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