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to be or to being

Hello, I am a quite new user of GG and yet very attached to this daily appointment, very stimulating. And I have a question that comes back everytime I meet the construction "to + verb". Why do we (Gee) say(s) "the girl is used to being a good girl" rather than "the girl is used to be a good girl". This is an example that I just red but it gives me problem everytime I meet it. Why and when do we have to use -ing for a verb which would seem to be quite happy with infinitive form.
Thank you for lighting me up (!)
and CveryW

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  • I'm sorry, but I didn'd understand your answer on (to?)my question. What is correct: blossoming or blooming?
    As far as I remember from (since?)schooltime: "Them flowers are in blossom, but they are blooming." Isn't that correct? The INGform comes only when using the verb bloom Thank you, Walter
  • Hiya Walter!
    Never take into account what Gee might say. He is just a fidgety nerd.
    So, a flower blooming on a tree is a promise because the promise is a fruit.
    The blossom itself is a noun meaning flower. So, a "blossoming flower" is somehow pleonastic. What may be blossoming is a tree, green tea and a lot of other plants.
    To blossom in the gerund form could possibly be more common in a metaphorical sense, e.g. a blossoming youth.
    Nevertheless when typing "blossoming flowers" on your search engine box you will get something. Pleonasms may sometimes work.

    All this is my present idea of the issue. It might be wrong. More competent people should come on to settle the point. But thanks to you, I now know that when flowers are in blossom, they are blooming.
  • Thanks to everyone for these clear explanations. I got used to doing always the same mistake!
  • hi i'm very happy to share words with somebody in aother languages particuraly english. About the using of TO BE or BEING,for me it can be used in to form tense in present continous TO Be + ing and PRESENT CONDITIONNAL TO Be
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