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Hello everybody ! I would like to discuss about my job .

Restaurant teacher, I would like to prepare myself to an exam. I will have to discuss about my job. If someone could join me, I would appreciate.

1st letter: At the restaurant, my students have to set their tables, lay the table clothes, prepare the cutlery, the plates and the glasses and then set-up the table. The plate is place in front of tne chair, the fork on the left and the knife on the right, the sharpe side by the plate side. Two glasses, the wine glass and the water glass will, will be added at the top rignt of the knife. To finish, they will add few more accessories, the table number, the wine soccer, the cruets (salt & pepper) and the flowers.
Bye !


  • Hello Mike,

    where do you work or for whom do you work? Are you teaching at a school or are you working for a hotel somewhere? It sounds like a perfect education for your students. Is this an education for becoming a waiter or for example to work in a hotel. I don´t know what is "Hotelkauffrau" in english.
    Like to hear from you soon.
  • Hello Mike,

    I'm not qualified to talk about your job. Though I'd tell you that I'll read with great interest what will be told about it.
    As far as language is concerned, I'd say
    ... the sharp side (of the knife) towards the plate.
    ... the wine saucer is a small shallow dish in which a wine bottle can be set at table. (soccer = football)

    If that was your "1st letter" as you said, I'm looking forward to reading the next one. I guess we are gonna drool. To you serviettes, guests!

    Hello CB,

    Could you explain what kind of a person a Hotelkauffrau is?
    Relying on the parts of the compound noun, I imagine that a Kauffrau in a hotel is the business manager in charge of the purchases for the hotel.
    Die Kamerfrau would be the chambermaid, die Haushälterin the housekeeper.
    If der Kellner is called the waiter, I don't actually know how to call a waitress in German.

    By the way, are you gonna ride your mare this week-end?
  • Good evening Gee,
    a "Hotelkauffrau or Hotelkaufmann" is a person (male or female) who learns everything about what´s concerning the daily work in a hotel. If you do a good job you are able to become the business manager of the hotel. But first of all you have to look into the different departments of a hotel and learn everything what´s necessary. For example you have to clean up the rooms, help in the kitchen, set the tables in the restaurant and be the waitress during the time of breakfast, lunch, dinner and work at the reception and much more of course. Perhaps now it´s a little bit more clear?
    Today was a hard day but tomorrow I´ll ride my horse. :)
  • Thank you so much, CB, for providing me with such accurate information. About the translation, I can't help, for HORECA (hotel restaurant caterer) is not my field. Isn't it something like "Hotel Service Manager" or so?

    Here at my place west of Germany we had a blue sky today but tonight heavy rain has been forecast and gusts of wind up to over hundred kilometers per hour are expected for tomorrow. Good ride anyway.
  • Hi Gee,
    yes, I think you can say this profession is something like a Hotel Service Manager.
    Today was a rainy day but I went outside with my horse during the hour of the day that was free of rain. The wind wasn´t too fast but we felt like zero degrees. At my place we have wind nearly every day so it´s not disturbing.
    Perhaps you have a field or profession you can explain to us?
  • Hey there CB,
    I'm so sorry but horses around me are only for my wife and one of my daughters.
    I am retired since 12 years yet!!! (Very old man, boohoo...)
    My present hobbies are learning English, philosophy and aviation.
    But I am at the ready to banter about nothing and everything.
    See yah!
  • the waitress = die Kellnerin?
  • Hi tiazora,
    the waitress=die Kellnerin is the right german translation. She serves for example your lunch or dinner at a restaurant or hotel.

    Hi Gee,
    don´t be so sad. I learnt that a retired person hasn´t much time and if you like to see him or her you will have to make a date because on monday is the english lesson, on tuesday is the philosophy lesson and on wednesday is time for aviation. Perhaps on thursday...oh no this day is promised to mum for shopping in town. :) Well, it´s very hard for daughters to get a date with their mums and dads.
    Well, aviation is a very interesting theme. You´d like to become a pilot or are you already a pilot? You have to learn much about the wheather. Remember: I´m the dark cloud.
    See you!
  • Hi CB the rider,
    I thank you for writing.
    I'm not sad. I just weep to order, as do comedians.
    On Thursday you were taking me for Horatio, weren't you?
    If you were interested in an air sight-seeing tour, let me know an airport or airfield near your place.
    Note that there are many flyers here around. I know one who flies by flapping his angelical wings and is so deft at steering clear of CBs (I mean the grey clouds, not the bright rider you are!).
    Wish you many returns of the night and the day.
    So long.
    N.B. You should write some words with capital letters: Tuesday, Thursday and every days of week (even Sunday!) ; German, English and any name of countries, languages and so on. (No offence intended, hey, we are here to fix our English, aren't we?)

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