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Be well, R2D2

As the translation in my workbook doesnt't light me much more, I am really wondering about Mr.R2D2... Who is this guy? Is he the cousin of Blaise from "A l'aise, Blaise!", or the old fellow of the reptile in "See you later, alligator"...
Who are you R2D2? (this sounds goods!)


  • R2D2 never parades in a tattoo.
    You could find him stuck with epoxy glue
    onto the trunk of a Florida yew
    just bawling a big hullabaloo
    as you would come a bit too close to.

    Nothing to do with a sudden blaze
    of your kind cousin Blaise.

    Nothing to do with the alligator
    made out on celestial equator.

    Nothing to do with any goods [CS]
    tug up to your high up woods.
    Oh my god!
    Put a lightning rod
    for it sounds like an electric god.

    For the time being the fairy realm of A Midsummer's Night Dream has turned into the bleakness of a deserted land.
    Fairy tales live a dusty oblivion on shelves.
    That former magic universe has been attacked by a new American generation of warriors.
    R2D2 is an intelligent robot of the droid kind that has been involved from the first Star Wars.

    See you later, alligator.
  • Dear Guardian Angel, I am K.O., totally knocked out! What a poem, I had to consult my dictionnary, an old blue one which survived from high school times (I don't know how), and I couldn't find "droid" for example (so I can't imagine what kind of robot R2D2 is) but it is stimulating... and I get your nice message approximately.
    I'm ashamed! No idea about Star Wars heroes as I never went to see these cult movies. Can you believe it? Is there somebody who ignores Star Wars? Yes, it's an edelweiss boried by science-fiction and scared by war. No sympathy for robots neither especially if they try to let us think they have a heart: I will cry with them and that would be the top of my ridiculous! Anyway, R2D2 has got into an idiom and I must shake his hand. Can I try it a bit glamour: how do you do R2D2, shoopshoopbidoo?

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