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i'm not shure that i understand!!! someone can help me???

hello this is a chat pages??? Can i oblige to talk english verry well because i'm not perfect english and i want learn.
So, someone want to talk whit me, whrite me and so i catch comment ca marche i repond to you!!! thank you
bey véro


  • so someone whrite something????
  • Ms Betty Boom is not SURE that she understands.
    Ms Betty Boom is not SURE understanding how the forum works.
    She barges into the GlymGlish users and Visitors Lounge barking "Hello, is this the chat room?"
    Everybody raises their eye-brows and answers nothing.
    Going on she says "Am I obliged to talk English?"
    As everyone nods, she says "Am I obliged to talk perfectly. Look, I am a learner."
    As everyone shakes their head, she says "I am looking for someone to talk with, to write to and to be written by, in order to catch how it works."
    And she ends thanking round.
    The whole loungue keeps silent.
    Now a bey going along with someone going by the name of "véro" are standing there waiting for something.

    Welcome betty-boom!
    I'm here at the ready to go along with you, chatting, talking, bantering, joking, and so on.
    Would your name be Véronique?
    Would you have been conferred the title of bey?
    Aren't you akin to Miss Ivana Bümbüm, a zebra-riding virgin girl, starring on adds on the telly, under contract with the Delavigne Corporation?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • oki oki i think that you (rire) to me... it's a problem that i don't undestand the exatly (but) to this forum... i'm a student and i want talk whit someone!!!
    it's not complecated!! so can you want (rire) to me... I dont want talk whit you!!! So you want talk to me that something funny subjet i wait your answer mr Gee...
  • Hello Véronique,

    First of all I apologize for asking about your first name because I've just read on a parallel thread that you told being called Véronique.

    Secondly you are mistaken. I didn't joke about you, not at all.
    I am used to making pictures in my mind from what people say. That's why I saw you barging into the lounge and so on.
    If Ivana Bümbüm is at stake, you probably will bump into her sometimes in your GG lessons. Anyway I am fond of your nickname with a boom. Maybe your entry into the lounge sounded like a boom.

    I would bring your attention to a message posted by CB, a German horse-rider, under the thread "Hello to all, this is...." on the 30th of November. In this message CB tells you being ready to talk with you.

    No harm intended, Véro, I would like to tell you that you are used to write WITH in a wrong manner.
    And to further acquaint you, rather say "I am waiting FOR an answer."
    I suppose you want to improve your speaking, just like me, just like most of the visitors of this lounge.

    Keep up the good work, Véronique.
  • hello i want practice my english and you just said to me my error and not the good word. please whrite me a good sentence for help me. thank you
  • Hey betty,
    I told you the right way of writing WITH.
    I told you that the verb "to wait" was to be used with the preposition FOR. (I am waiting for the holidays, I am waiting for you.)

    From now on, as you asked, I will copy your own say correcting it according to what I think has to be corected.
    Here you are.

    "Hello I want to practice my English and you said to me my error and not the good word. Please write me a good sentence for helping me."

    Corrections made:
    I want TO practice (to want to + infinitive)
    to write (without any h)
    for helpING (for + -ing form verb).

    Moreover, "You said to me" is grammatically correct but not usual.
    You say something. Ex. You said it. He said the right thing.

    But when you say something to somebody, it's more common to use the verb "to tell".
    You told me something. Ex. You are telling me the right word. He told you how it works.

    Got it?
    Your sentence would be improved this way:
    "Hello I want to practice my English and you told me my error and not the good word. Please write me a good sentence (for helping me)/ in order to help me/ so as to help me."

    Hope this won't disconcert you.
    We'll catch up later at your best convenience.
  • One thing more, betty.
    A right sentence would be better than a good sentence.
    Many happy returns of the week-end.
  • Hello betty-boom,
    welcome to this forum.
    Do you like the story of the Delavigne Corporation?
    See you.
  • thank you mr Gee!!! I catch now the lesson for verb+ing....

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