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i'm not shure that i understand!!! someone can help me???

hello this is a chat pages??? Can i oblige to talk english verry well because i'm not perfect english and i want learn.
So, someone want to talk whit me, whrite me and so i catch comment ca marche i repond to you!!! thank you
bey véro

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  • hello, betty_boom, which kind of student are you ? what are you learning ? you have the floor! good week end!
  • Im study the accounting, im very pocket in english and an accountant has to speak English. You asks me these questions because you finds me strange?
    I am not shocked I am him. good week-end too
  • i leave in st-come, in a campaign(campagne)this ia a good word i think...
    I like verry well do ski-doo!!! i have a thunder cat..
    i like a racket too... walk on a snow!!!
    i like go out in a bars sometimes but i prefer a good night whit a friend... yes.. but it's better whit my boyfriend!!!!
    I have a dog, a female. she is fair-white and her name is betty boop,
    she's beautiful girl!!! it's your turn!!!
    good day, betty
  • Hi Max!!! So you want to talk to me.... heu sorry I dont no what say!!!
    where you live?? So you dont leave in quebec because me im in quebec tell me of your place!!! and heu... ask me a question!!!
  • I leave in quebec too!!!in montreal and you??? ok i want to say to you "this is my question" but....:)
    tell me what you like to do in winter!!! So you live in (campagne) or in a (ville)???
    you like a bars or a night girl relax??? (soirée de fille tranquille)
    an animals??? talk me to you and after i talk to me??
    i m waiting your answer
  • i'm not a perfect english to and i need to practice too!!!!
    So you want telling me something... I was verry happy!!
    I m waiting for a answer
  • oh oh you have a funny discussions!!!!!
    this is a joke miss betty_boom ;)
  • Hello Betty,
    It's new for me as well. I would prefer to chat "in live" because it's funniest but like this it's a good way to make new friend all over the world! I'm living in the south of France in Antibes. I think you will be colder than me in this time ! I'd prefer to practise Jet-sli , like you but in the sea !
    I wish you a merry christmas an dan Happy new year if you don't answer before.
    Best regards.

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