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certificate of good standing

hi everyone! I'm new on this forum.
i'd like to translate this expression "certificate of good standing" in french.
can anyone help me?


  • Hello Passie
    Could it be "certificat de solvabilité" as good standing would indicate a good financial situation ? "A man of some standing" is un homme considéré, the standing is related to a high material level, and as we know, consideration may come along with status. It makes me think that the term you're wondering about is a polite asking for financial guarantee.
    But, please, check this point again, this is a non-certified extrapolation. You will certainly receive some more trust-worthy reply!
  • This not a more trustworthy reply because that's not at all my field of expertise. But to the best of my knowledge, the certificate of good standing hasn't necessary to be translated because it refers to various kinds of certificates according to the country and the field at stake. Before translating the certificate of good standing needs defining.

    The most common use of the expression – and I presume that’s yours – refers to a certificate issued by a state authority as evidence that a business entity is in existence, and is authorized to conduct business within that state. In that scope of meaning I couldn’t find any translation. Any European languages I came across on the internet use the English "certificate of good standing" inside their own language.
    Some sites to check it:
    In French

    However I remember reading the bilingual rules of a African business company translating certificate of good standing into "certificat de bonne situation financière". I can't find a reference back.

    If the certificate of good standing is needed for being sworn in a mason lodge, admitted in a university, accredited in a medical board or so, it should be translated otherwise.
    There are a lot of "certificats d'incorporation, d'enregistrement, de conformité, d'existence, de solvabilité*, ..." In UK a certificate of good standing is sometimes used for certificate of (good) character (> de bonnes vie et mœurs).
    That’s all I have in store for you.
    * here plagiaring Edelweiss whose writing fills me with wonder.
  • hello!
    thanks for your answers, but my certificate is actually to be register in a nursing board. They explained to me that it was a kind of proof that I was register in France and that everything with my registration was in order. I don't really know how to explain this to the "DRASS". Any more idea?
  • Hi Pascale,
    As I said, the expression certificate of good standing refers to a lot of different contexts.
    If you are registered as a nurse, you got a registration number.
    Which authority delivered that number? In my opinion, you should address that authority to get the requested document.

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