The Delavigne Corporation

Who is actually pulling the strings at the Delavigne Corporation?

Warning! The present question is set to male GG users only.

Last events in the Delavigne's make me mull over the men/women relationships in the company.
At first sight it comes to our mind that men pull the strings. Yeah, the CEO is a man, one of his assistants on two is a man, the chief accounter is a man, the sales manager as well.
You might think that Bruno is at the helm.
But looking at it closer you'll find out that women really lead the company. Who has the last word at hiring staff? Who has been put in charge of an audit? Who is managing the suggestion box?
Would some male GG user not be convinced, I urge them to ponder a bit over that pending question.#

Hold on, guys!
Hold on!
Lucky bastard, a very male bastard.

# any suggestion on how to manage to turn things round is welcome.


  • 'a very male bastard' indeed.

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