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Are you a linguist ?

Hi Gymglish users,

Are you a linguist ?
Everyone is a potential linguist. You do not have to be an intellectual or an academic. After all, a linguist is defined by the Oxford dictionnary in simple terms :
Linguist: n. person skilled in foreign languages

To become as a linguist is a matter of choice and requires a certain state of mind. A linguist enjoys foreign languages and appreciates the differents ways that idea are organised and expressed in different cultures. A linguist is at ease with people of another language and confident when learning new languages.

The first step towards becoming in a linguist, towards learning a second language is to realize that sucess depends not on the teacher but on the learner. Each learner must discover the language gradually in his or her own way. The teacher can only stimulate and inspire. Enrolling in a language school or taking a course will not ensure fluency. If the learner does not accept the simple fact, time and money spent in language programm will be wasted. Language school and language system programm may teach but only the learner can learn.

Bye ! See you next time for another piece of advice !


  • Best djomanilian,

    I was very curious to read the statement you had just been talking to me about on Skype without telling me what was at stake.

    First thing I learned: The English word 'linguist' refers to a person skilled in foreign languages, accomplished in languages and especially who speaks several languages. According to my Webster's, it's only as a secondary meaning that 'linguist' refers to one who specializes in linguistics.

    In fact it's just the opposite of French that puts forward "un linguiste" as one whose area of expertise is linguistics. If they say someone is "un linguiste" because speaking several languages, it just can be for a joke.

    So I am happy to learn that I could possibly be a linguist one day, or at least on my way to, as I comply with the requirements you are displaying to become a linguist, namely the fact that one has to fend for oneself.

    Be your piece of advice resounding in many GG users' minds!
    I'll try to catch up back on Skype to tell more.

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