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did you heard about it (Millenum) and Stieg Larsson's book?
Usually I am carefull with books or films about which everybody speaks...but, by chance, I began the first of the three books and now I cann't leave it I want to finish it .It is a suedish novel about investigation.
Now I have to choose every evening : Gymglish or Millenum ! what dilemma !
good week end and good evenings !


  • A Sweedish Alien in the GymGlish Lounges.

    The Sweedish author Stieg Larsson’s trilogy has been heading west, translated into many western languages. Thanks to our Forestine the millennium (getting a double n when shifting to English) trilogy will soon overrun the GymGlish users lounges. We are about to gaze at Stieg Larsson’s characters showing on the catwalk, Lisbeth Salander aka Forestine leading the show.

    I overheard that the Millenium would one day barge into the Delavigne’s itself. Swedish aliens invading Horatio’s lab. Exciting! The forthcoming 4th book that is going to turn the trilogy into a quadrilogy will be a remake reversing the topic of the first Larsson’s book (The girl with the Dragon Tattoo -> Men who hate women). After playing with fire on the second step, women are about to definitely take their revange on men.
    GG lounges visitors are invited to give their two cents on how the story could go because, say, Stieg Larsson passed away so as to let the GG forum visitors make the story go ahead.

    Thank you, Forestine, for reviving the forum.
  • hello Gee,
    what does "aka" means ? (in the last line of your first paragraph). I don't have a big dictionnary and cann't find it : thank you for answering !
  • aka = also known as...
  • No sooner asked than done, aka is showing up in full disclosure.
    That's the proof that the forum is the best place for efficient mutual nudges in the right way to a fluent English.

    Dear Forestine,
    To have a deep sleep tonight, I need to make sure you caught my say about you showing on the catwalk as Lisbeth Salander. For now you are thrilled with the first book headed in Sweedish "Men who hate women."
    And I guess that when coming up to the third book of Larsson's Millennium, you will cast yourself onto and into Lisbeth Salander character.
    Fancy that trip through that world of fiction.
  • Hello everybody,

    that's my first trial day and I hope to enjoy these lessons; for further information about current abbreviations such as b2b, asp, .org....or those used in texting, visit the website netlingo; very interesting indeed
  • Thank's Zina for your short but efficient answer ! Don't you have anymore interesting things to tell us in the lounge ?

    Hi, Gee I prefer stay in the book; I think the catwalk is not for me

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