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Check this out:
GymGlish LipDub - Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz - Enjoy'!

And vote !
Vote for the best LipDub of the year!

Peace out!
Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)


  • I gave my vote to the GymGlish LipDub recorded by Ad Soullier.
    Why? Just to please Willy The Security Guard.

    Watching a singing female staff of the GG dubbed into gorilla's language, I thought to myself that I had preferred a karaoke show to such a crazy dubbing. As Christine Chapon thought my way, Ad Soullier replied to her that he could not reveal the staff's own voices. That proves that the GG team don't want to reveal themselves as they are, notwithstanding the caption of a previous video say "l'équipe de GG se met à nu".

    Apart from that, the crazy GG LipDub video makes people feel good.
    Reading GG users comments, I thought to myself: They feel happy because they get crazy. It's contagious. It also overflows to the Delavigne's story as I overheard lately that Brian Jones got a voodoo doll as a gift at a Christmas party. And I further wondered what Tart, the American specialist of altered states of consciousness, would have thought of such a way to use altered states of consciousness to teach his American language.

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