English Vocabulary

Hello everybody.

I have nothing serious to say.I am talking especially to those who read and write very well in english to help us.It is so difficult to be in a french country and decide to speak and write another language.
Please dont take it as a west of time. sometimes you can help us by correcting us,advising us,asking some questions,pushing us to speak and write.
I'll like to be polit in english While answering telephone,receiving people,helping somebody on the street...anyway to have good maners.
I'll end by saying Happy new year to all of the members and i can only wish all the best.Take good care of yourself.
Queen rai


  • thank very much so i just want to underline something like to not stop strugle .my father told me one that life is a strugle s o i' can't forget this remark .good bey and take care
  • Getting queen's wishes makes me blush and inwardly grin.
    Thanks to her, sure my next year is going to make me happy.
    As the queen, I'll keep living in a French speaking country and having a hard time at learning English.
    I swear that, if it happened that I came across the queen during the course of this year, I'd behave politely and stick to good manners.
    There is no time wasted either in learning English or in meeting a queen.
    Gods Save Our Queens.

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