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Sufficient unto the day is one thought thereof.

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

That proverb rendered into a GymGlish user’s every day life philosophy turns so:
"Sufficient unto the day is my GymGlish workout thereof."

But some Stakhanovist GymGlish users could make "Insufficient unto the day is a GG lesson thereof" their motto and post under this thread their original thought of the day.

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  • Sufficient unto the sixth day of the year should be the thought of six feet of earth thereof.

    Six feet of Earth make all me equal. (proverb)

    bene vista - to all who, like me, stand on the lower rungs of the ladder.
    male vista - to all who thrive at the top of the ladder.
  • Hello Gee,

    Why would we, ladies, be used to giving or getting a high-five when offering or accepting a big hug-though only platonic and virtual!- is a lot more pleasant? Do you agree Forestine?

    What about you AhQ? A high-five or a hug from the lady-users of GG? I guess it is safer and more natural for us to exchange a hug next to the ladder if you don't mind accepting a hug...

    Anyway, best wishes to you all.

  • "The seventh day the Name took a rest."

    The Name stands for the tetragram or tetragrammaton, the four Hebrew consonants that in the Bible indicate the Being whose name is forbidden to be uttered. A taboo!
    Leaving Hebrew community the taboo faded away and the Name got called God.
    So we might guess that Huckabee, in his caucus speeches, will turn this way the thought of this January 7th.

    "The seventh day God took five."

    Additional info for non–insider (lol) Stakhanovists (hahaha) (lol)…(lol)….(lol)-
    Genesis 2,2 - By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.
    Genesis 2,3 - And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

    That proves God is just like us. We are so keen on taking five after our GG workout.
  • The statements (2 sentences) ending the angelical address are both truths, pure and simple. I don’t laugh out loud. Though I lol at the same time.

    Hot-blooded by Silky’s hug, my heart can’t refrain from feeling that …
    besides the seven wonders of the World listed at different stages in history, there has always been a magic one forgotten at the bottom of people’s heart, that enables them to work their magic.
  • Next to the ladder or wherever, silky Snow White, your hug is warming up the seventh dwarf’s heart. He got out of his mind to the point of feeling your fresh kiss on his forehead.
  • If Brian and his wife didn't take their marriage for granted, if they hugged after an an argument and an explanation, they would definitely avoid the SEVEN-year itch( = being dissatisfied with one's marriage after seven years- seven is not always magic!- and considering having an affair). Why is it that some couples think that grass is greener on the other side of the fence after SEVEN years?
  • At dawn I thought to be “Seven times lucky” today.
    But don’t worry, I’m neither con, nor grifter.
    Do you know the “Seven times lucky” story? It’s about a con, a grifter. It is a novel and a movie.

    At noon I felt really lucky as I learned I had a magic wonder at the bottom of my heart.

    At night, I’m really concerned about my couple. When we married 6 years, 11 months and 29 days ago, my wife-to-be told me she would love me to her dying day. I told her alike.
    The questions are: Is my wife about to die tomorrow? Or am I to die tomorrow?
    I hope no, I’m sure we will make the saying (about the seven-year itch) lying.
    Therefore we won’t never have a glance beyond the fence of our pen. (We are kind of sheep, so to say, in a pen.)
    And mostly, we’ll keep hugging everyday by singing with Bobby McFerrin:
    'Don’t worry. Be happy.'
    (I'm used to singing: 'Don't worry. Be lucky.' It suits best to my name.)
  • We have made the saying lying ! of course we did ! We married nearly 30 years ago : very long isn't it ? very short, time goes so quickly , we can never finish the song "don't worry, be happy ...."
    And there was not enough mornings to give each other as many hugs as we would like !
    Don't worry Lucky Bastard, keep quiet with your wife : seven years is probably not going on for the same time for everybody !!!
  • Phew! We are done! The seventh day of God, the seven tribes of Canaan, the seven plagues of Egypt, the seven wonders, the seven dwarfs of Snow White, the seven times lucky, the seven-year itch and all other seven anything are over!
    On the top of all that, Forestine's personal demonstration convinces that most of that myths and sayings could be all made up. Story-mania! If so, what’s the use of a daily thought? In spite of that dreary prospect, being seven-free, I fell like throwing another thought into the spotlight. It’s a quotation of the Koran that came to my mind when I still stood on the lower rung of the ladder (before my Snow White affair):

    The ink of the scholar and the blood of a martyr are of equal value in heaven. (Koran)
  • You’re right, AhQ. The Seven is over, once and for all! I got the prove it’s true.
    On the 1st of January I made a resolution: "One deadly sin a day." - I think only the seven deadly sins are worth it. - I was able to take it up to the seventh day. Yesterday that the all deadly sins were over, I couldn’t find any sin else that I could perform with pleasure because I can’t stand old hats. Now I feel as good as gold and my soul, if any, is truly pure.

    Season’s Greetings are over?
    Anyway, take up my wish to you: Be on cloud nine today!

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