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Sufficient unto the day is one thought thereof.

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

That proverb rendered into a GymGlish user’s every day life philosophy turns so:
"Sufficient unto the day is my GymGlish workout thereof."

But some Stakhanovist GymGlish users could make "Insufficient unto the day is a GG lesson thereof" their motto and post under this thread their original thought of the day.

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  • There are green herons, green woodpeckers with a red spot on the head and probably a lot of green birds. No matter the colour of the bird in itself, AhQ. Wish Bolibar to see the bird as he'd like it to be, green!, provided he is not green (of ....) himself.
  • I couldn't know whether I was green of envy or green of pleasure as green is totally off my area of expertise.
    I stayed speechless about greens ... as a greenfingered greenhorn passing by snobbed me from head to toe.
  • 2009 is almost there.
    Happy to get rid of a year that will have been lasting one day and one second more than the usual decent years.
    Before skipping off into the next year, don't fail to insert an additional second into the last minute of the last hour of the last day of the last month of 2008 on your watches and clocks.
    The last minute of 2008 must last 61 seconds because our idle Earth doesn't give a damn about the vibration of a ceasium atom.

    See you somewhere sometimes next year. This thread has come to be such a yarn that it takes a lot of precious seconds to reach the end.
  • Where are thou, precious progressive thinker? Are you all together down under for a New Year spin?
  • What card did you play at your gambling game, Michigan? A mischievous jack who made you take the thinkers for scatterbrains? How could they think that the New Year's is keeping spinning over there down under?
    Didn't you go and search into the depths of your lake where they might be ready for seeing you gushing from the waters to float an idea?
    Come on!
  • Sufficient unto the thought is a night thereof.
    I prefer night dreams to day thoughts.

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