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Sufficient unto the day is one thought thereof.

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

That proverb rendered into a GymGlish user’s every day life philosophy turns so:
"Sufficient unto the day is my GymGlish workout thereof."

But some Stakhanovist GymGlish users could make "Insufficient unto the day is a GG lesson thereof" their motto and post under this thread their original thought of the day.

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  • Hey Lucky Bastard, I am not sixteen, only in my heart of hearts. Read my message again. Decay started a long time ago according to the quotation!
  • Don't worry, Silky. Let me dream and keep being sweet sixteen.
    For my part I had already decayed teeth before 16.
  • To our so lucky bastard,
    No offense was intended, man. I believe you, hard-and-fast.

    To all men of good will,
    this is my shot for this perfect day.

    The first fortnight is over. The gifts have been returned, the champaign bottles recycled, there is no longer any excuse for overindulging. We have our work cut for us, our GymGlish workout is on the table.
  • Back to the 14th.
    A friend of mine who practices Chinese medicine and is used to regularly spend months in China told me about Shí sì . To keep it short and sweet, Shí sì is the way to say fourteen.
    Mind the stresses on the í and ì. They don’t pronounce shi si with an "i" but something like [e] with a stress on each word and with inflexions of voice… That’s the question! Shí sì can be said with different inflexions.
    As the Mandarin Chinese can be written with alphabet letters, they also use Arab figures. So Lucky bastard could read 14 on the wall.
    Many numbers are associated with symbolic meaning. For instance 4 is evil. Most multistorey buildings haven’t any 4th floor. It’s the same as for 13 here over. A triple 9 brings luck; the mayor of Hong-Kong’s car registration number starts with 999. Superstitious the man!
    Very superstitious Chineses consider 14 as an unlucky number because it is made of 10 (symbolic meaning: to be) + 4 (evil, death) = Zhi si (deadly). But in some regions of China, it maybe could mean something else, said my friend.
  • As I’ve been called upon by Silky, to comply with her requirements I got in touch with CHEN LEE.
    He confirmed that all that Gee said about Shí sì (14) could be true, except that CHEN LEE is not superstitious at all. According to the inflexions he gave at saying the number, he evoked the opposite of death. CHEN LEE said that in his email, Shí sì was a wish of happiness and luck.

    Truth has to be smoked out of the manifold inflexions of a Chinese speaker!

    About the origin of the email, he thought that NESV wasn’t listed in any abbreviations and acronyms dictionary yet. He analysed it this way:
    S is for Silicon. Silicon (Symbol Si) is the fourteenth element of the periodic table, a nonmetallic element occurring extensively in the earth's crust in silica and silicates. Its atomic structure and availability make it an ideal semiconductor material, notably in chips making.

    V is for Valley. You know that Silicon Valley, in Southern California, has got that name for being the hub for the high-tech sector, referring to the region's large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers.

    NE is for New Eastern, because Chinese consider that the upcoming Silicon Valley they build up in their country – along with the Olympic Games infrastructures, the nuclear power plants and aircraft manufacture plants - will soon overcome the passing off Californian Silicon Valley.

    Hope this will be some help for interpreting CHEN LEE’s email.
  • I thank all of you who deciphered CHEN LEE’s email.

    What’s on today, the seventeenth day of the year?

    A muster of peacocks are fanning out their tail.
    A watch of nightingales are trilling a nice tale.
    A pack of marmosets are aping a big hail.
    A troop of lion cubs are roaring in their jail.
    And a pack of idiots are gaping on the trail.

    What’s on?
    Gosh! What’s on?

    A bunch of seventeen GGusers are toiling over their tongue-twister of the day,
    mumbling again and again, while stumbling over every seventeenth words,
    «Seventeen slimy slugs … in shiny sombreros … sat singing … short sad songs. », «Seventeen slimy slugs in shiny sombreros sat… ♪… short sad songs. » «17 slimy slugs in shiny sombreros sat …♪ … short …sad… songs. » Seventeen slimy slugs in shiny sombreros sat singing ♪ short sad songs. » «Seventeen ….(to the bitter end)

    And the trail of the seventeen slimy slugs do nothing but shrug. They never quail.
  • If you are younger than 18, you might wish to be 18 as long as you think like Albert Einstein that common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired from age 18. Before 18 one usually wants to think like others.

    If you are older than 18, you might wish to get back to 18 to get rid of the dull common sense of adults and feel free-spirited.

    In both cases, just think twice who and how you were at age 9.

    Mind you, never do more than twice. You might go to the frightening opposite result if you went so far as to think it nine times. Horrible omen!
    Keep this in mind:
    9 + 9 makes 18.
    9 x 9 makes 81.
  • Chatterbox or not, don’t talk too fast on this 19th day of the year, you would be said talking nineteen to the dozen.

    If someone talks very quickly, they talk nineteen to the dozen. (idiom)
  • We say twelve is a dozen and twenty is a score.

    GGusers from all over the world can be found by the scores. (à la pelle!in French)
    Many scores (20 x X) are in their early-twenties (= 21 22 23)
    A few scores are in their mid-thirties (=34 35 36)
    Few scores are in their late-fifties (= 57 58 59)
    Very few scores are on the right-side of 60 (= between 60 and 65)
    None of them are on the wrong side of 90 (=between 90 and 95)

    Whatever their origins and ages, they all try to score well...(= to be successful) and the most important thing, there are so many scores of them who enjoy Gymglish that one can't count them.

    P.S. Don't trust my statistics!
  • Oh dear, whoever you be, whatever you score in Silky’s stats, you straddle two centuries in your own lifetime, you even straddle two millennia.
    For such good fortune you should be paid tribute by a twenty-one gun salute on every 21st day of month in this 21st century.

    Your personal given twenty-one gun salute will be shot at 21:21 your own local time today.
    That shot will be my way to contribute a sounding something to this thread.

    Twenty-one times yours,
    The lucky straddling bastard.

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