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Sufficient unto the day is one thought thereof.

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

That proverb rendered into a GymGlish user’s every day life philosophy turns so:
"Sufficient unto the day is my GymGlish workout thereof."

But some Stakhanovist GymGlish users could make "Insufficient unto the day is a GG lesson thereof" their motto and post under this thread their original thought of the day.

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  • [C.S.] = correction supposed (to be made)
    The to you personaly given twenty-one gun salute....
    [C.eagerly Wanted]
  • "It is now some TWENTY-TWO years since I left my father's house, and all that time, though I have written several letters, I have had no news whatever of him or of my brothers; my own adventures during that period I will now relate briefly."
    Don Quixote by Cervantes

    How lucky, we, GGusers are! We don't have to write twenty-two messages before getting an answer. Sometimes, the reply comes after less than twenty-two minutes.

    I have read Lucky Bastard's latest messages above and I don't think corrections are necessary.Anyway, I have got to go and watch the tadpoles!

    Twenty-two tiny tadpoles tied ten tan neckties tightly to twenty tall trees twenty years ago this Tuesday at twelve twenty-two, Timex time!
  • It is twice twenty-two minutes or so since I got Silky's latest message.
    I am quite surprised how Silky spends time watching tadpoles tightly tying tan neckties to twenty-two tall trees.
    I've just begged my parrot for telling her tongue-twister uninterruptedly. He didn't succeed in, tough he is very skilled at squawking uninterrupted cackles.
    As parrots were at stake, I'd thought that sufficient unto January the twenty-second would be this truth thereof:

    Sufficient for learning English is the skill of the imitator thereof.

    A question of Jackbet, treated by Lucky bastard and Silky in the grammar section of this forum, strengthened me in my conviction that parroting is the high-way to English. I admit that some bits of grammar are useful as long as you want to become a grammarian, a high-class writer, a teacher or if you are a Stakhanovist. If so, frequently go to your workbook and visit its grammar section. For my part, I never do. I only do parroting and it doesn’t work all that bad.
    I listen; I repeat.
    To back up my parroting, I’m used to working with my fellow-parrot.
    Every time I call him Coco, he (it’s a male parrot) pulls a face and says nothing. He likes to be called Papagai, pretending to be a man of culture, moreover fond of opera .
    After reading the discourse about the here above mentioned issue, I told Papagai that "I wanted me to be a hero". Papagai shook his head disapproving. I then ventured "I want I to be a hero".
    Upon which Papagai squawked "Naay!" "You-want-to-be-a-hero."[firm recto tono]
    Upon which I said again three times in a row "I want to be a hero." Wait and see. Perhaps I’ll be one day.
    I (Gee) – I’d like to write to Silky and Lucky bastard.
    Papagai – The-bastard-[rising tone]… He-does-not-exist.[falling tone] (Papagai pretends to be a man of culture and wants everyone to know he has attended Samuel Beckett’s "En attendant Godot".) (I’m sorry for Lucky bastard! Would he be so kind as telling us whether he really exists or not, whether Beckett and Papagai are right, or not?)
    Me (Gee) – Let’s start with the date.
    Papagai - Yeah! Date.[falling tone]
    Gee – January the twenty-second two thousand and eight.
    Papagai (getting nervous) – Naay!... O-one-two-two-two-double-O-seven. [very quick steadfast recto tono]
    Gee – Hey, Papagai, that’s too harsh!
    Papagai – Just-write-...-Jan-two-two.[falling tone]
    Gee – Jane? Silky’s name is not Jane!
    Papagai – Jan-… is-first-month-in-short,-isn’t-it? [rising tone].
    Gee – Oh yeah, Papagai, you want me to be up-to-date.
    Papagai – Jan-two-two.- Two-by-the-side-of-two,- that’s-parroting-the-two-and-makes-it-twenty-two-but-...-just-say-two-two. [self-confident falling tone]
    Gee – Oh Pappagallo, what a long cackle you’re phrasing there!
    Papagai – Jan-2-2.[satisfied falling tone]
    Gee – With no dot after Jan, Papagay?
    Papagai – A-dot? [rising tone] What for? [giving
  • Meticulous readers – if any – will have noticed Papagai is set back by one year. I forgot to tell that he said 2007 on purpose to feel (or to pretend to be?) one year younger.
  • To Gee-the-parrot and Papagai his fellow-parrot.

    Dear parrots,

    Your innunendo about my possible nonexistence didn't make me much happy.
    Calling upon Samuel Beckett to endorse your foolish assumption didn't help matters either! I make a point to point out that Beckett has never spoken of bastards because - though being an Irish playwriter - he wrote all his plays in French which a quite more polite and courteous language than your wretched offensive English. Maybe Beckett spoke about the devil. Upon which I agree without reservation, as long as devils, just as gods, are products of imagination. But now I affirm not to be a devil.

    However I didn't stay angry for long as I remembered hearing lately Harold Warbuckle, not being totally out cold but nearby, saying to a voice addressing him: How can I know you aren't a hallucination?
    Yes, parrots, they are philosophers at the GymGlish team! In their funny stories they insert here and there some innocent words that make you mull over the "being or not being".
    Hence, on this January 23, I wonder whether I am not a hallucination.
    And I'll spend the day reading philosophers of ontology.

    Eventually I thank you, dear parrots, for your useful comment of yesterday.
    I'd just like you not to parrot Beckett translated.
    Friendly yours
    Lucky bastard

    [CS] very quick steadfast recto tono? How could you make a tone go faster or slower? If I were you, I'd say: very quick on a steadfast recto tono.
  • To Lucky bastard-
    Hi bastard,
    I’m pleased that you took it this way.
    And I also thank you for 'tuning' the nature of the tone.

    To anyone else-
    Hi folks,
    0123 : today, we’ve got nothing but integers.
    That's the ideal moment to imagine what the planet Earth will be when the sequence of integers will go up to 8 figures.
    01 23 4567
    On Jan 23, 4567 the planet won’t be sucked in a black hole yet.
    But earthlings, if still any, will no longer look like the present ones.
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  • Funky Friday on 25th January. It's a monthly event
    January 25th in Scotland: put on your kilts GGusers: it is Burns' Night. Robert Burns was poet, balladeer and Scotland's favourite son. Each year on January 25, the great man's presumed birthday, Scots everywhere take time out to honour a national icon. Whether it's a full-blown Burns Supper (with Haggis of course) or a quiet night of reading poetry, Burns Night is a night for all Scots.
    One the poet's poem has become famous in French and turned into a song: Ce n'est qu'un au revoir. Here it is:

    Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    And never brought to mind?
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    And auld lang syne!

    For auld lang syne, my dear,
    For auld lang syne.
    We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet,
    For auld lang syne.

    And surely ye'll be your pint stowp!
    And surely I'll be mine!
    And we'll tak a cup o'kindness yet,
    For auld lang syne.


    We twa hae run about the braes,
    And pou'd the gowans fine;
    But we've wander'd mony a weary fit,
    Sin' auld lang syne.

    Some old Scottish words:

    auld lang syne - times gone by
    be - pay for
    braes - hills
    braid - broad
    burn - stream
    dine - dinner time
    fiere - friend
    fit - foot
    gowans - daisies
    guid-willie waught - goodwill drink
    monie - many
    morning sun - noon
    paidl't - paddled
    pint-stowp - pint tankard
    pou'd - pulled
    twa - two
  • For auld lang syne, my dear: For time has gone by, bit by bit, for 24 hours, without indulging any 25th in commemoration of Burn, so are we today the twenty-sixth, back from Scotland, our kilts spotted with haggis fat bits, our ideas dishevelled by the booze with Scotch, so are we about to take a cup of kindness, in this 26th after the Night. Yes kindness! thank to Silky reading Burn at Burn’s Night. She made lie the saying « It’s often hard to go through the morning after the night before. »
  • Sufficient unto the day 27 is figure 3 thereof.
    Raise three to the power of three. You are granted twenty-seven.
    Raise Steven himself to his own power of Steven. He is granted the seventh heaven.
    Raise you to the power of you. You are granted a super you.

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