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Sufficient unto the day is one thought thereof.

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

That proverb rendered into a GymGlish user’s every day life philosophy turns so:
"Sufficient unto the day is my GymGlish workout thereof."

But some Stakhanovist GymGlish users could make "Insufficient unto the day is a GG lesson thereof" their motto and post under this thread their original thought of the day.

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  • January 28…
    Dead easy to elect Gee as our leading playmate
    Lucky Bastard has been his active teammate
    Both of them always ready to narrate
    Sometimes we don’t even have to wait
    Never, I hope, will they migrate.

    AhQ sometimes takes the bait
    And then we hear Forestine’s heart pulsate
    The Guardian Angel hasn’t decided to mutate
    More often than not, I have to procrastinate
    More importantly, we are all happy to create…
  • Oops a daisy!
    It is so great
    Reading Silky
    Who does create
    Kind poetry.
    What a soul mate!
    That is groovy!

    After Silky's kind rhetoric you stay speechless. I couldn’t say anything today.
    My soul told me: If you have nothing to say, don’t tell it. Just shut up. Hence I should shut up.
    Though the last aphorism of the Tractatus Logico-philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein sprang to my mind easily.

    « Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen. »

    « Ce dont on ne peut parler, il faut le taire. »
    « De lo que no se puede hablar, se debe guardar silencio. »
    « What you cannot speak of, you must conceal it. » (Me translating)
    « Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. » (Ogden better translating)

    Let’s not be silly. That has nothing to do with telling that one has nothing to say.
    You can ponder a lot over that aphorism. Namely think that the language cannot encompass the spirit.

    One mustn’t try to say what is beyond the words.
    (…. especially in halting English hard try …… lol… ha, ha ha… jajaj)
  • Silky sounded the call-up of the troop yesterday. I heard it resonate through the halls, rebounding against the walls with a musical tune exhilarate~exhilarate~hilarate~elate~elate~elate~~elate~~elate~~~elate~~~
    I am present at the roll call, Silky!
    But the others? Where are they over to?
    AhQ? AhQiuuuu? Where are you?
    Forestine? Forestine? Are you still livin’ Firestine?
    Guardian Angel is probably busy trimming his wings feathers after the latest Christmas shift.
    Luckily we have Silky.
    Luckily Gee has his gee-gee.
    So I am present at the roll to deliver the daily thought of this 29th.
    Here we are:
    My thought of the day is something so deep that it is hidden behind a profound silence.
  • I’m back, bastard.
    When two buddies go out to grab a drink, I always like to go along to be the third party.
    This 30th after work 29 buddies went out to a dancing party. I went along to play their thirtieth party to the party.
  • Silence is very important in life when we need it...


    Do you like this number?

    Historians will tell you it is the duration in years of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648)

    Bible experts will tell you Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

    I want to finish on a lighter note: If you have managed to cope with the 7-year itch(see above in this thread) , if you have celebrated your china wedding anniversary (20 years), your silver wedding anniversary (25 years), you will deserve a splendeferous, fantabulous day on your PEARL wedding anniversary (30 years of joy, sorrow and sharing)

    P.S. china has nothing to do with Chen Lee(just for the aficionados of the Forum!)Chen Lee is our china (= slang for friend), from China
  • The quiz of the 31
    What am I?
    I am stretching out between two ends.
    At one of my ends 31 is written.
    At my opposite end 13 is written
    When they approach me by my 31 end, they call me the 31 [saying THE THREE ONE]
    When they approach me by my 13 end, they call me the 13 [saying THE ONE THREE]
    Talking of me from afar they sometimes call me the 13-31 [saying THE ONE THREE THREE ONE]
    I, along with my alter egos around the world, have the exclusive privilege of being numbered with two odd reversed figures.
    But I have siblings which stretch between two ends, each end being numbered with two figures, the number formed by the figures never exceeding 36.
    Among that siblings there is some which have the same privilege of mine but with even figures.
    It’s called the 02-20 [said ZERO TWO TWO ZERO]

    Did you guess what I am?
    If not, go further with hints in 3 steps.

    First hint: We are in all 36 to be named with 2 figures, what makes it 18 named with 4 figures.

    Second step: Here are some of my siblings at random: 01-19, 07-25, 03-21 , 09-27

    A last hint, if need be: No too long ago a B777 crashed in Heathrow not far from the threshold of one my siblings named the 27L. L stands for left because there is also a 27R (right). In fact there are in Heathrow a 09L-27R and a 09R-27L.

    What’s left is that I wish you to hear the tower tell you today: CLEARED TAKE-OFF RUNWAY THREE ONE, WIND THREE ONE ZERO DEGREES ONE THREE KNOTS CLIMB STRAIGHT AHEAD UP TO SEVENTH HEAVEN. Some few minutes later you call the departure saying: REACHING SEVENTH HEAVEN LEVELLING CLOUD NINE.
    I also wish you a happy landing.
  • I start off the thirty-second day of the year with wondering whether the idiomatic expression « to be second to none » is not just of arrogant peacocks.
    Everyone and everything is always second to someone or something, isn’t it?
    Even the First of February is so much second to the thirty-one day on the year that it’s called the thirty-second.
  • No matter I had wasted my days up until now, I did trust to luck in the today’s thirty-third chance of another day.
  • The doctor ordered: say 33, say 33 (it's 99 in English)

    I obeyed and after listening to my "inside", he told me to have a rest...

    I am leaving you for a week's holiday!

    Wherever you are, I wish you an enjoyable week too
  • February 3, 34th day of the year.
    Silky’s off for a week of joy.
    We are kept on duty. How could we turn duty into pleasure? Let’s rectify odds into sheer pleasure.
    An active noise reduction device rectifies half of the sound waves to do away with the odds of irritating environmental noise and send you wild.
    An active mathematical operation multiplies by two an odd number like 17 to do away with the odd and send you even on a 34.
    An active mental turnaround of what makes you a bit odd in the head soothes your discomfort to send you wild in a sheer lunacy.

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