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Sufficient unto the day is one thought thereof.

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

That proverb rendered into a GymGlish user’s every day life philosophy turns so:
"Sufficient unto the day is my GymGlish workout thereof."

But some Stakhanovist GymGlish users could make "Insufficient unto the day is a GG lesson thereof" their motto and post under this thread their original thought of the day.

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  • When one has too much English to learn on this 48th day, one should just pick up the best pieces of it.
  • First of all, I would like to congratulate Gee on his tenacity on this 49th day. He has been alone in this thread since 3rd February and he has written something interesting every day.
    He DID start the thread and I thought it would come to an end on 31st January. I don't know Gee but I guess his challenge is to reach 31st December...
    On 12th February, he wrote:
    "Let yourself go, but don't forget to get yourself back."
    Gee,did you want me to come back after my week's holiday?
    I am back but I am far less imaginative than you. I'll try to follow but I can't promise... One of the reasons being that I may have left Gymglish by then. Why don't other GGusers join us?
  • Silky, when you told being off for a week’s holiday on the 3 February, I took up day by day to deduct the days. (lol)
    I am so proud that you dug up my saying about getting back after having let you go.
    I am so happy that you came back yesterday on this very thread.
    Goodness gracious YEAH! “I want you to be back.”
    In the long term prospect, you say, you might have left GymGlish. It’s quite understandable. I often wonder what you are down here for, since we here and then appreciate your high-end grammar clarifications. I for one am achieving this month my 2 years of GymGlish but I have still a lot to learn and, besides I go ahead to more than one year free lessons due to parrainages. If you left, Silky, please tell me, I am begging you. I’d hand you an email address to go ahead with something kind of this forum.
    Never tell you are less imaginative than anyone. That’s untrue. Imagination is not an absolute skill, it’s moving according to many factors, notably interests and habits. That’s reminds me that, some years ago, as I was entrusted some job responsibilities, my boss told me: I rely on you because you proved being reliable, but you lack imagination.

    That suggests me this thought of the 50thday (a milestone!):
    Trapping someone in a priories is just killing them.
  • On the 51st day of the year:
    I thank Gee for his kind words, for telling me that as far as creativity is concerned, there is nothing like a hopeless case!
    I solemnly promise to give him a two weeks’ notice before giving up Gymglish.
    I was away for more than a week: I confess that my mathematics are definitely hopeless.
    (All the words finishing with…ics are singular except when preceded by an article or a possessive !!!)
    English phonetics is difficult.
    The acoustics of this room are excellent.
    C.W. You were entrusted with job responsibilities/ you proved to be reliable.
    Not only are you reliable, Gee, but you might blush if I listed the qualities only a lady is able to detect via texts you have written all over the Forum.
  • [private tip to Silky: Thanks for correcting me and also for your lesson on mathematics.
    I had already heard of special qualities ladies have to detect what people hide in their inside as most private features.]

    Up until now the Delavigne Corporation website was nothing but fictitious. From now on we can actually connect to their site and - what is really NOT usual – we may stick our eye into the hole in the wall and peep at what’s going on in the boardroom. Incredible!

    So something fictitious can come true!
    Let’s wish our most fictitious and unreal dreams come true.
    (Restriction: such wish is invalid for dreams of crimes, assassinations, rapes, tortures and any dreams of committing the seven deadly sins.)
  • Janos Arany, nicknamed the Shakespeare of ballads, wrote:
    “In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities” Ok for dreams (with Gee's restrictions!) but what about love?

    C.W. We can connect to their site- WHICH is not usual.
    We use “which” when we can replace the pronoun by “and this”
    EX. What I know is that he is wealthy.
    I knew the story, which (and this) surprised him.
  • Nowadays, as in the 19th century of the Hungarian Shakespeare of ballads Janos Arany, there are no impossibilities in dreams of love but there are impossible loves.
    Examples of impossible loves: Roméo & Juliet; Tristan & Yseult; Miss Julie & Jean (according to Strindberg); a lark and a mole. What about your love?
  • I love Jane.
    Jane loves me.
    I desire that Jane desire me.
    Jane desires that I desire her.
    Such is our love.
    Such was love by Armand Gatti (anarchist French playwriter)
    Such were loves of the patients of David Laing (prominent English antipsychiatrist)
    Such is your love, isn’t it?

    (C.W.: I desire that Jane desire/desired me. Which form of subjunctive is ruling here?)
  • My suggestions in answer to AhQ's CW.
    1. About the subjunctive.
    Silky must be off on week-end holiday, wait for her to say the rule. In the mean time, I think that you’d be right saying: AhQ desires Jane to desire him. (subj. under infinitive form) Jane desires AhQ to desire her.
    2. About the great figure of anti-psychiatry Dr Laing, you mistook his middle name for his first one: Ronald David Laing.

    Smart move, AhQ! You made this 56th day of 2008 the day for quoting Ronald D. Laing.

    · Once upon a time, when Jack was little,
    he wanted to be with his mummy all the time
    and was frightened she would go away

    later, when he was a little bigger,
    he wanted to be away from his mummy
    and was frightened that
    she wanted him to be with her all the time

    when he grew up he fell in love with Jill
    and he wanted to be with her all the time
    and was frightened she would go away

    when he was a little older,
    he did not want to be with Jill all the time
    he was frightened
    that she wanted to be with him all the time, and
    that she was frightened
    that he did not want to be with her all the time

    Jack frightens Jill he will leave her
    because he is frightened she will leave him.
    (Excerpt of Knots, 1970)

    To your mind, which stage has Icarus reached at this moment?
  • What a lazybones you are, Gee! (Gee speaks to himself).
    Have a look at your workbook, chapter "grammar", subjunctive.
    At the present the subjunctive looks just like an infinitive!
    So, once and for all:

    AhQ desires (that) Jane desire him.
    Jane desires (that) AhQ desire her.
    In the same way,
    Jack desires Jill desire him,
    Jill desires Jack desire her.

    If they go on that way, desire will soon be so trite that nobody would crave for desire.

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