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I need help.
In a letter to a Swedish woman I'd like to start the letter with referring to her message that had been written in gold on red paper. I can't tell this in English. Would someone be so kind as to translate it? I'd be very grateful.

Quelle joie de vous lire.
Or sur gueules, voilà qui fait du blason de votre famille fondée avec Dave le parangon des marques de la plus haute noblesse. Et la pureté du tracé de votre plume témoigne de la finesse de votre personne.


  • What an enjoyment to read you!
    i can't translate the rest it's too difficult for me !
  • very original but my level is too low to help you , but I am very interested in the translation ! She must be very original indeed!!!
  • I thank you both coucoulilia and XingWa for reading my request and filing a reply.
    As I didn't get any help and as the text was to be used in a season greetings return, I had to make do with my own poor talent.
    As long as I can remember I wrote something this way:

    Reading you filled me with joy.
    Gold on red, that makes the arms of the family you founded with Dave the model of the highest gentry’s marks. Moreover the sharpness of your pen drawing is bearing witness of your own subtlety.

    1. In the French heraldic vocabulary, "or" means gold, and "gueules" means red background.
    2. The addresse of the letter is not member of any social nobility, but she has been provided with nobleness of character, and I was teasing a bit.
    3. I confess I was a bit absent-minded by posting a text in French. The accepted custom here on the forum rules that everything should be written in English.

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