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Funky Friday Feedback

In June of 2006, GymGlish launched 'Funky Friday', a new feature which allows your voice to be heard.

How does it work?

On the last Friday of every month, the same GymGlish lesson is sent to GymGlish users around the world. At the bottom of each lesson are multiple possibilities for the plot of the next Funky Friday lesson. The next lesson is then created by the authors at GymGlish based on the results of your votes.

Use this space to discuss Funky Friday, the results of each vote, the story, the choices, what's happened so far, and what could happen in the future!

PS: I think if my grandfather, Xavier Delavigne, were alive today, he would be more than 100 years old. Just kidding, but seriously I think he would like Funky Friday. Xavier was funky before it was cool to be funky. And Friday was his favorite day of the week. Enjoy!

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  • Hello Sigourney and Gee,

    I won't referee...I will just say that I'd choose England too, but I'd rather have a beer and a Jacket Potato in a pub along the Thames. As Halloween is drawing near, I would put on my best witch costume and fly over the customers'heads on Harry Potter's stick!
    I didn't get a comment box either. So I can start a revolution with Gee. What shall we call it?

    To Gee/C.W. let the story go along with their views easily as a constitution. prevent us from V+ing
    ... like Brian Jones (like + noun= à la manière de; as + noun= en tant que)

    I have never heard the expression: train-train. Have you? I would say...from settling into a routine BUT C.W.!
  • Hello everybody!
    I just have one question : how can we get the old funky friday ? Today was my first one, and as I didn't know the previous one, I didn't understand it all... Could you help me please ?
    Thank you a lot
    And thank to the Delavigne corporation and all its staff ^^
  • I don't understand the forum who are you and from the 29/06 2007 nobody???
    I'm looking for serious english lessons
    Can you answer me or tell what I can do I receive plenty of message but nothing to do????
  • Democracy, Democracy, mind you! I could have had of you.

    Pushed forward by US and western powers, democracy is spreading out through the planet as the best tool for growth and peace!!???
    Over the last ten years Africa has gone from having 3 democracies to 23 by now. Yesterday’s disputed elections in Kenya, that leaves give or take 1OO people dead in riots, kept as a president Kibaki who won by 47% against Odinga 44% and Musyoka 9%. So, 47% of the population will be ruling (if so!) against the will of the 5,316,896 voters that make the loser 53%.
    So is it working with democracy. It is never too close to call, one small part of one percent makes the deal.

    If I come with that issue, it’s that I am a bit frustrated about the Funky Friday prospects.
    On the last Funky Friday, we were asked to vote on a 4 choices question.

    Were you among the 37.9 % who wanted Warbuckle to open the doors to his ranch and so are about to compel the 62.1 % other voters to witness the strange life of this reclusive millionaire?

    If you are NOT among the few 37.9% congratulated by the GG team that "saluted their bold choice", how do you feel?

    What’s more, tell me if you truly wanted to stand inside the 62.1% rejected voters.
    In most democracies, voters are left free to vote or not. In a few countries though, the vote is compulsory (for instance in Belgium) but the voters are left free to hand out a blank ballot paper, even if the vote is electronic.

    It doesn’t go that way with the Funky Friday tale.
    Last Friday I tried to send my copy back without voting for any of the four options. But the system refused to get my sending, saying that I had to vote! If I hadn’t complied with the system’s instructions, I hadn’t received the text of the audios. That’s called blackmail!

    I’d like to know your feelings about that issue. Shouldn’t we start a GymGlish Users’ Union to make sure our favourite English lessons provider keep up the right lines.
    Looking forward to your opinion.

    [Mind you! My so-called complaint in a funny Funky Fancy!]
  • Hi Jocelyne!
    Are you lost?
    On November 3rd at 10:18 PM you were on the forum of the GymGlish club. That forum is a place where GymGlish users meet with one another to talk about different topics dispatched under columns or threads.
    Who are you? did you ask. We are GymGlish users.
    From end of June a lot of people came along around here.
    You're looking for serious English lessons? Many do so. But what's stopping us having fun at the same time?
    As you were asking for help, I tell you to walk about to explore the visible and hidden sides of this forum. If you cannot find your way and keep being lost, go yelling: mayday - mayday - mayday.

    Mind you, the letters CW are not a signature. It's a code meaning "corrections welcome".

    PS I might as well send you a compass.
  • Correcting my untimely writing:
    previous message, line 3, word second: read "gave" instead of "give".
    line 13, sentence 2: read "You said it" instead of "You've just..."
    Sorry for being bound to mistake ... indefinitely.
  • Today I’m the happiest man alive because for the first time or so I’ve been corrected!
    Thanks to Silky who invented what even Bruno hadn’t, the C.W. And she has to be thanked twice for she give my C.W. a follow-up.

    There are slips of the pen, of the finger on the keyboard, even of the worn out mind, but I can’t stand having said “prevent to”. It’s unforgivable. And besides it’s impossible to delete the mistake that I’ve done. The system ruled by the GG team doesn’t allow it. Therefore I’m the more unhappy man on earth because I’m doomed to carry the burden of my mistake until I pass away.

    What’s more, my friend Chen Lee who is an adept of Confucius tells that a man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it is committing another mistake. Just my case! So from mistake to mistake I'm doomed to roam on earth as a tormented soul.

    But there is someone earning paradise, it’s that one who corrects the mistakes.

    To Silky.
    What shall we call it, Silky? You've just said it, the Jacket potato revolution because if we bellow that strong the Jacket is bound to blow up.

  • Hi Sigourney,

    You enjoyed the story, so did I.

    Now about what's coming, I don't share your point of view.

    First of all, you fancy a picnic next month? By the end of November? In England? It's so cold this time. And you'd like the crusts cut off? I for one like the crusts that make the sandwich deliciously crusty and the life a bit spicy. Drink tea out of flasks? I for one prefer coffee, a mere cup of coffee. And you would go punting on the Thames? Isn't it a bit deep for punting? Seems we're divided by our likes, Sigourney.

    A little bird told me that you voted for an option that hasn't been winning. For my part, for the first time in my life, the winning option was mine. We won by a close call, a mere 1 percent higher than the challenger. We're going to revolutionize the story, this forum which seriously needs it, even the GymGlish, and all the caboodle!

    But I can't help worrying.
    In my lesson they said "If you see a comment box below, feel free to send us your own ideas about Horatio's dream! FF is to let your voice be heard!"
    But I couldn't find out any comment box in my personal item. Sure they have hand-picked people bound to let the story go in their views. What kind of democracy do they practise? Chavez's or Sarko's? A revolution can be subverted as easy as a constitution.
    No, the lay-out has been modernized yet. That's not enough. We must go further.
    Be it as it may, a revolution is the only way to prevent us to go train-train, to have ourselves grating as Brian Jones.

    We must break something. Will you join in, Sigourney?
  • I'm rather looking forward to visiting Warbuckle's ranch, personally. I've heard it has a lot in common with Michael Jackson's estate.
  • So, everyone! What are your thoughts on November's Funky Friday? I'm in the process of writing a scathing article bringing down that tyrant Oléré.

    Did you know that he was good friends with Maggie Thatcher? That is, until he tried to smooch her at a cocktail party in a Ferrero Rocher-fuelled frenzy. She thwacked him on the head with her handbag, and the pair haven't spoken since.

    And what did you vote for? Personally, I wouldn't accept a gift from a dictator. I'm an unbiased journalist.

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