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Funky Friday Feedback

In June of 2006, GymGlish launched 'Funky Friday', a new feature which allows your voice to be heard.

How does it work?

On the last Friday of every month, the same GymGlish lesson is sent to GymGlish users around the world. At the bottom of each lesson are multiple possibilities for the plot of the next Funky Friday lesson. The next lesson is then created by the authors at GymGlish based on the results of your votes.

Use this space to discuss Funky Friday, the results of each vote, the story, the choices, what's happened so far, and what could happen in the future!

PS: I think if my grandfather, Xavier Delavigne, were alive today, he would be more than 100 years old. Just kidding, but seriously I think he would like Funky Friday. Xavier was funky before it was cool to be funky. And Friday was his favorite day of the week. Enjoy!

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  • Awww Gee, you show a sensitive side that I have hitherto unseen. I hope that you don't feel gagged to express your life-affirming views, the forum would be a far poorer place without you. Permit me to suggest that with you at the helm, it might even be far richer..... but more of that later....

    My (heavy-handed) attempt was to try to cultivate some opinons, not dampen them.

    GG users are an amazing bunch, I hope they don't take your new motto to heart!
  • Gee, you can always use your comments box, or if you don't have one, then write to us at the usual address.

    We love hearing comments about Funky Friday, and if you're suggestion is any better, we could always incorporate it.

    Personally, I missed my vote as I was away. In Australia I would be fined for not voting....
  • this story for learning englys are not to bad
    like that but will continue my lesson for

    can soeaking better also understend more tank you

    for evereting d,ont you so what se you leader
    nex week and have a good day because beatifull day

    sonny day hot temps .this summer 80% no sun in my coutray by
  • Breaking news:
    Brian Jones will make an outstanding terrorist. He's been hired by Crazy Gideon.
  • Thank you, Mr Jones, for pouncing so quickly to my reply. I had thought that the Delavigne's characters came down this forum but once in a while at the new moon.

    Back to my blunder I confess that evoking the aftermath of the so-called democratic elections in Kenya was not the best way to start off joking. However anyone of common sense makes the difference between political votes and the multiple choices question of the Funky Friday tale that enables the readers to feel taking part in the story by enabling them to jump onto the stage to bend the improvisation according to their views. Besides anyone knows that any of the four choices is the best one as long as the quality of the product does not depend on the facts of events but on the skills of actors (here GGteam writers).

    I take the opportunity to openly declare here and now that I have no suggestion to make about either the GG lessons, or the Funky Friday story. I like the latter very much as it provides a longer audio than everyday lessons. And the lessons are quite effective: Reaching my 470th or so lesson I notice that my command in English - if still far from top - has considerably improved since I started the GymGlish two years ago. I wish the same prospect to all GGusers.

    Now got over with my blunder. Full stop.
  • Mr Jones, I'm also looking forward to visiting Harold's ranch.
    I tried to put some life in the desert.
    I now feel like a guy who ventured a joke in a silent gathering but the joke did'nt work, he just can feel uneasy.
    Though I think that GGusers aren't daft people and used as they are to living the funny stories of their lessons, they take the vote for fun.
    Sorry for being thick as not being able to show I was kidding.

    Better keep silent than being mistaken. (That's my new motto.)
  • Why do you think Crazy Gideon's a terrorist, Gee? He does have an odd laugh, but still...
  • I think Brian Jones would make an outstanding pirate!
  • Oh my God, did you see the results? I wish I'd got to meet Chuk-Chuk - it sounds like such a nice person.
  • Brian Jones is guilty as hell. Expect a defamatory article in this weekend's Sunday Roast.

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