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trou de mémoire

how do we say in english "qui se ressemble s'assemble"
I can't remember something to do with feather


  • In English, birds of a feather flock together.

    If you are featherless, that's obvious that you got a lapse of memory just at the place where the feathers are missing. (lol)
    Don't worry. Fly safely.
  • birds of a feather stick together
  • thanks for the answer.
  • thanks for the answer.
  • Hello coucoulia,

    Can I ask you where you heard or read :Birds of a feather STICK together.
    I have always learnt: birds of a feather FLOCK together

    To me, it would be difficult to fly if they STUCK together.

    I am sure that the most usual expression is ....FLOCK...but maybe you could shed light on the origin of STICK;

    Thank you
  • a school of fish swimming with the tide,
    a flock of birds flying in the high,
    a herd of cows looking on behind,
    a murder of crows cawing on the side,
    an exaltation of larks tweeting in the sky.
    A gang of gymglishers were hitting their stride.

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