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I'm not really good in english and I'll like to speak english with somebody!!


  • Ok, same as me. Let's try ower best!
    Where are you from Margau? Are you all ready since long at GymGlish? How do you like it?
    All the best,
  • I don't want to play the gooseberry, Clara.
    Just point out that you write like you speak, with either luck or oddity.
    Let's try OUR best. - ALREADY (Have you already been long here?) -
  • Hi Margau,

    Where are you from? France ? I live in France nearby Angers, a beautiful town where there is a great film festival as I speak. You know "Premiers Plans" festival ? This year, they are celebrating the 80th anniversary of Jeanne Moreau. But she comes back every year therefore it isn't really an important event. Lol. I'm so bad.

    See you soon.
  • Hi margauxxx.
    Maybe the right expression would be "I would like to speak" instead of "I will like to speak".
    see you
  • Hello everybody !
    I'm a student and I live in Paris. I'm looking for someone who would like to chat with me . It enables me to improve my english. Thank you.
  • Hello everybody!
    I like very much this program, I'm new, and I live in Belgium. English is so important for all the people of the world. this language permits us to speak with everybody.
    thank you to contact me for the practise.
  • Good evening Spirit.

    You are a newcomer in this lounge. As I am an old bean here at the GG, I am very proud to welcome you.
    As you said, English has become a kind of common language used worldwide.

    Take this tip as a friendly gesture in order to meet your proposal, I mean contact you for practice. What could we talk about? Whatever you'd like. We might for instance talk about the free spirit, the spirit of turpentine, the Spirit of St-Louis, or - why not - your own very Spirit. As you probably have already read round this lounge, there are a lot of people at the ready to chat with you and anyone else. Just start a topic.

    Looking forward to reading you.

    [CW] This CW is short for Corrections Welcome. If you or anyone else would find out mistakes in my text, I'd be pleased that they correct me.

    PS- Your last line should be corrected this way: Thank you for contacting me for practice.
    One thanks someone FOR something (not to).
    The noun practice is always written with 2 C, whereas the verb can be written to practise or to practice.
    Break a leg! (= good luck!)
  • From Cecile anderson:
    Hello everybody !
    I'm a student and I live in Paris. I'm looking for someone who would like to chat with me . It enables me to improve my english. Thank you.


    Hi Cecile Anderson,

    I am not a student any more. Bad to me.
    It's many years since I'm grown up.
    I am not living in Paris. Bad to me.
    I for now live in a small town.
    Notwithstanding I possibly could chat up with you. It depends on what we would chat about. The topic could be English itself (English with a capital E, you know!). That way we could chat up with many others, like margauxxx, Clara Maria, Gee, mathiou, epafe, not to mention the Spirit!
    I look forward to your next tip.
    So long,
    Sandy Ayeomen
  • hello
    I'm a new one, unfortunately not so good with my english; it was a dream all my life to have a fluent english; I love the langage and the culture but I never had enough time; now I retire in the golfe du morbihan (I am 54) and have all my time so maybe I would realise my dream; anybody to chat with me ? and correct all my mistakes !!

    thanks a lot


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