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I'm not really good in english and I'll like to speak english with somebody!!

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  • Hello everbody.
    I'm pleased to be in contact with you.I haven't good skills in english, so I want to speak and practice it to be better.
    I finished my courses in university in 2007 and I'm seeking for an opprtunity to work.
    I'm a rugbyman and I parctice it twice a week.
    I'm waiting for your contacts to be friends and partnerships in english.
    "Hey..lets practice english"
  • To Fakhri.
    Nice to meet a rugger player. I suppose you play the 15s rugby. Which place do you run? In attack, center, in the backs, full-back?
    Last year I ran into Canadian girls spending one year off here in Europe to improve their French. Some of them were rugby players. They couldn't easily find female rugby teams here in Europe. In north America such clubs are more common.
    Tell us more about your favorite sport.

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