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hi evrybody

hello i want learn english with friends we can be best friends.


  • hello
    i want learn english with friends
  • Hi Everybody!

    I'm Djemsy and i live in the West Indies. I would to better my english level like you. It's not easy for me because people speak french in my country. But i decide to work very hard.

    I would like to make new friends too, all over the world.

    Take care for you!
  • i m sarah from algeria i m 21 years old and i want study english and improve my language because i need it in my study .
    i m in universisty and i'll be an archetect , i m an artist too .i think its easy to study english with persons who like it .
    i wish the best for evrybody .
  • hello i want learn english with friends we can be best friends.
  • Good evening, Sarah!
    Pleased to meet with Sara Sara from Algeria.
    You want to be an architect, it sounds good to me to hear that, because I'm fond of high-class buildings, especially of the highest skyscaper I worked on in Doha.
    You are an artist yet! Good point! Do you sing as well as you draw?
    I understand you want to study the high-end American English of the GymGlish. On building sites in Middle-East, those languages are useful: English, Arab, Chinese. French is often a asset as there are many French Real Estate building Corporations at work there. Not to mention the upcoming nuclear power plants of Sarko Sarko.
    So long, Sara Sara.
  • Hello,
    it's okey
    let's start togther to improve our english
    so, i will write to in next time
    now wish a nice weekend
  • Hello Djee
    how are you?
    i'm very happy to start with you
    a new relation so let's start
    in the next time
    see you tomorrow
  • hi sarah ,
    where are you ?how are you to day
    i hope u fine and dynamic to start a new week
    wish u a nice day
  • hello sarah,
    i'm imed ,i'm here to improve my english too
    i very happy to start with you that i need it very much at work.
    i will be with your best friends if you are okay

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