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hi everybody!!

well im a stdent and im looking for someone to better my english i speak french very well i live in france and i study medicine
im looking exactly for an american because i want to go to usa and i want to learn more about this country before !!
hope that you'll answer
all the best!!


  • Are there buckaroos around there?
    Zeyna has reserved the floor for you, buckaroos.
  • i don't really understand what you want to say !!
  • A buckaroo is a cowboy. That word is often used in informal language to say an American.
    You said you were looking exactly for an American.
    Are there buckaroos around here? = Are there American on this forum?
    (The problem is that most American are native speakers, so they don't need to subscribe to GymGlish. But, don't worry. There are Americans in the GymGlish team. I learned the word "buckaroo" from one of them.)

    To give the floor to someone = let somenone speak.
    To reserve the floor to American = Only American may talk.

    I wanted to support you, Zeyna.
    I wish you the best.
  • ok i understand better like this
    you're so funny!!

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