The Delavigne Corporation

I want to be a Model

Each company needs a model for their advertising. L'oreal, Chanel use to choose movies actors.
So Delavigne needs me !!

Who i am for this job ?

i'm a boy, quite nice !!! yea i'm 43 years old, i'm thin et elegant, brillant too but that yo'll see later !!

But i have a small problem ! which one ?
The same as yours guys !

No it's not a hairs problems !

I need to emprove my english

I hope you won't agree with my application and try too explain me why your application is better than mine

Boys & Girls go right know if you want to be Delavigne 's Model

See you soon,


  • Howdy castifao the top model!

    I heard that Sarko approached Bruno so that Carla would be taken up.

    She won't be a competitor to you. You woud make a brand-new couple on the catwalk.

    Your assets:
    1. castifao sounds perfect with Brunni, with Carla. Three last vowels made up to fit together.
    2. You outclass Sarko by a steady 10 years in age.

    See you soon on the Delavigne's catwalk.
    Gee (a spectator wannabe)
  • I think that Carla could't be our model for Delavigne Compagnie bacause she lives now at Elysée palace. However i think it would be good for compagnie if a man and a girl could be the models.

    Let's me explain and compare with other company
    Nescafe took G Clooney and Claudia Schiffer

    I will be the G Clooney and now we have to found a nice, cute and brillant girl.

    I have to say one thing, Georges (I call him by his name) does't speak french at all, but me i speak french and at rhe end of this year i will speak english as well as him !!!

    See you soon
  • Hey I want to be the model, I won't be your CLaudia S but your Naomie Campbell, I think I am a brilliant girl ! Intelligent, funny, nice to see people say about me that I am detectable ! ;)

    Hi, hi...
  • If I am called upon for a vote, I'll give my voice to Brownsugar.
    For a cinnamon-skinned model would fit the best with Horatio's fragrances.
    The color of the skin would make her detectable among all that girls in the queue, and the scent of the skin would make her delectable for any unbroken nose.
  • Hi castifao,
    You said: “I hope you won't agree with my application and try too explain me why your application is better than mine.”
    Personally I’m not an applicant at all but I just want to tell you why I don’t agree with your application. I dislike the man you are looking up to, I mean, George Clooney. That Clooney is so much self-oriented that he would take the hell rather than helping the poor. He teased Angelina Jolie about her trips to Pakistan and Africa. And he was quoted as saying: “You know, Michael Moore – and I like him a lot – but that speech he gave at the Oscars was polarizing. It became Hollywood versus the heartland, and I always find that it’s best not to raise the rhetoric at that point. I’ve been a big supporter of Barack Obama since his Senate run and I am a friend of his, but I said to him, “I stay completely out of it…”
    Believe me, your George is the friend of anyone praised in the public eye as long as that person’s popularity reflects on himself. But he wouldn’t drag in any humanitarian project and commit himself to a good cause that could make him loose a part his popularity.
    That’s why I won’t vote for you. I’ll give my voice to Brownsugar who looks up to Noemi Cambell, a girl who dare to shows off her support for Chavez.
    That’s all the time we have for today.
  • Graziella
    My desire to be a top model begin when I was yung. Becose I saw Ellen Page playing Juno, I loved her so much that I also be hapy to become a movie actress. But I will begin wit being a model.
    I now live in Paris where I have come wit my oncle who is in post in Paris.
    Last week I have begin the Alexander McQueen School for catwalk in Paris.
    I speak spanish, frenchie and begin american at gymglish (Still very poor like you see).
    I tink I am fit to go with castifao on the catwalk cos I am 17 years old,height 1.69 m,measurements (French units: 86-61-86),tanned skin,dark hair,pulpous lips.
    I ask castifao to tell me when the casting at Delavigne is scheduld. If it is in San Francisco my oncle is ready to pay me a one-way ticket (he is sure I will be taken).
    Always feel at ease, or pretend to be, they say at school.
  • I want to apply for the post of Delavigne’s model.
    I am a girl in the 30thies,189 cm tall, splendiferous black hair, big black eyes, shining black skin, fantabulous measures (US) 68B-48-67, some experience on the catwalk and at weightlifting, big lips and big heart.
    I would carry a lot of weight on the Delavigne's ad campaigns and boost Horatio's fragrances sales.
    Want to know where to address my cover letter with my photograph.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Greetings folks,

    Warning! Pitfall on the track.

    I rarely take the floor here on this platform. I am used to quietly listening to so many talented orators and roosters coming one after the other on the rostrum. These days one of them hurt me so hard that my heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t help issuing a stern warning.

    There are a lot of young little things – little lambs, I mean – who are taken for a ride by some Don Juan.

    Anyone who is a mere bit informed about Delavigne’s ad policy, knows that Ivana Bümbüm has signed an exclusive contract on that matter with Delavigne Corp., a contract that’s running on the long term. Since it is with the greatest caution that any gullible lamb who would have submitted an application for a model casting, should crosscheck any invitation to a casting with Polly, the personal assistant of the Delavigne Corp. CEO.

    Don’t tell you haven’t been warned!
    Daed. Squeezy
  • Hi every body,

    I have to inform you that Ivana Bumbum is pregnant, i know that because...i'm the father ! It's a good reason is't it ?

    So we are still looking after ours Delavigne' models.

    But i have to say one thing, the delavigne's Compagny also looking for a dog for advertising !

    The casting for female model will bingind by ...a song. So i realize that we don't need a brillant girl. In this case we will have pleanty of application for this job !!!!

    See you soon

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