The Delavigne Corporation

I want to be a Model

Each company needs a model for their advertising. L'oreal, Chanel use to choose movies actors.
So Delavigne needs me !!

Who i am for this job ?

i'm a boy, quite nice !!! yea i'm 43 years old, i'm thin et elegant, brillant too but that yo'll see later !!

But i have a small problem ! which one ?
The same as yours guys !

No it's not a hairs problems !

I need to emprove my english

I hope you won't agree with my application and try too explain me why your application is better than mine

Boys & Girls go right know if you want to be Delavigne 's Model

See you soon,

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  • Hi every body,

    Even i did'nt find my model, I also need a short speech for Delavigne's advertising campain.

    Like G Clooney (always him, he is a goog guy !) said "What else" We have to find an expression that you can hear every where. That you remind when you will be in a perfume's shop.

    first idea "never stinking, always smeeling"

    J'm quit proud of this one

    Let's chaps

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