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Hello everybody !

I'm Nat, I'm 35 years old and I'm looking for a job.
Some years ago I was a teacher but I have had 3 children and I stopped working for them.
I have made english 10 years ago but a need to learn again because I have forgotten a lot of things.
My problem is to speak english because I don't want to make mistake.
Thank you to help me.
Good night.



  • Hello Nat,

    Thank you for introducing you.
    You are - of course - warmly welcome.
    How do you want people to help you?
    By chit chatting? That's possible.
    There are plenty of pen pals waiting for you; just have a look through the headlines.

    As for me I think your English is not all that bad.
    Four points yet:
    1.Ten years ago (precise moment in the past) you made something (not have made).
    2.You made English. I never heard anybody could make English. (Maybe I'm wrong?)
    3. Like your first name Nat, English is worth a capital letter.
    4. You don't want to make mistakes but you are doomed to fail. According to the bible it's Adam or Eve's fault. I don't exactly remember which one of them. But don't worry, get rid of the bible and listen to GymGlish saying "a mistake is just another way to say things". Isn't it good to shift out of the rank?

    Thanks to you I am going to have a good night.
    As for you, don't fail to dream in English!
  • [CS] I would shift off the rank.
    OFF! that's a strike!
  • OK bastard!
    You struck me!
    So, Nat, if you want to shift off the rank (i.e. if you don't want to be a sheep), make some pretty mistakes.
    Lucky bastard will correct you. I will too. Other people will do.
    Enjoy your English, Nat, with or withour mistakes.
  • Thank you very much Lucky bastard an Gee for your advices, I know that the mistake is human but I have the wind up to be facing a customer that I don't understand or who doesn't understand what I'm trying to say. But you are right, that problem should manage.
    If I can help you to for anything, you can rely on me.
    So, I must go to school for picking up my children.
    See you soon !

  • Hi natbio.
    One comment: maybe the right expression would be "help you too" instead of "help you to".
    See you

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