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Hello everybody !

I'm Nat, I'm 35 years old and I'm looking for a job.
Some years ago I was a teacher but I have had 3 children and I stopped working for them.
I have made english 10 years ago but a need to learn again because I have forgotten a lot of things.
My problem is to speak english because I don't want to make mistake.
Thank you to help me.
Good night.



  • Hello,
    Did you know that when you help someone, the help is returned in two-fold?
    i'm imed from tunisia , i will send you a dialogue type can help you to speak about many subjects used in our life
    wish you a nice gymglish forum
  • Hello Imed,

    It's very nice for you to help me and I have no problem with give you some help if I can do something for you.
    Especially I would like to improve my oral English concerning the relations between the enterprise and its customers, telephonic conversations...
    Thank you for your help.
    See you soon.

  • Hello natbio,
    i'm very happy to read from you
    also ,me i search to level my speaking that my job title is material coordinator and i have many relation with the suppliers from the world .
    excuse-me today for the dialogue ,i'm very busy at work
    wish you a nice weekend
  • hello
    how are you today
    i hope you are fine
    what is the weather at your country?
    here,in tunisia it's sunny and good
    wish you a nice day
  • Hello Imed,

    How are you ?
    I have just finished my lesson. I do it when the children are sleeping, it's more quiet.
    Today in France the weather was sunny too, the temperature was 6°. Very good as we are in winter.
    As far as I'm concerning I'm always looking for a job. Ok, it's only 20 days I looked for by I 'm getting bore !
    I wish you a good night.
    See you tomorrow.

  • sorry,
    i hope to start with a good relation to improve our english
    wish you a nice time
    i will send you a small file can help you to improve the grammar in the next time
    see you

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