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wont to speak engels

hi i wanne visite london end of tihis year, and i'm looking for someone that can help me to communiqe.
and this is my first lesson


  • Hello.
    Here is the first part of your say: "Hi. I wanna visit London by the end of this year, and I'm looking for someone that/who can/could help me to communicate."
    Hope you are gonna find the right person you need.
    If someone is interested in helping you, how can they get in touch with you?
    Which kind of help do you need?

    Notice about the headline.
    "won't" is contraction for will not. I will not say > I won't say.
    You probably wanted to way "want to speak...", short for I want to speak..
    engels is the Dutch word for English. Are you Dutch native, Berna08?
  • Hello,
    Did you know that when you help someone, the help is returned in two-fold?
    i'm imed , i'm from tunisia ,i will send you a dialogue type about many topic ,that can help you to communicate .
    wish you a nice time with gymglish forum
  • HELLO IMED, I'm Dutch native, but i speak also frence
  • Hello,
    i'm very happy to read from you
    excuse-me today i don't send you the dialogue
    oh ,friend i'm very busy at work
    also,me i speak french too, but to improve our english we should speak and write in english

    wish you a nice weekend
  • hello
    how are you today
    i hope that you are fine and dynamic
    it's very cold,isn't.
    but,here it's sunny
    tomorrow i strat with you a dialogue about strating the call

  • hello Imed
    hope you had a nice weekend, i like this site, it explained and show me good things.
    hope i write these time good English.

    have a nice day
  • ok there is no problem, but what time
  • Hello
    i'm very sorry ,that i'm very busy
    so ,i write to you this short dailogue just an example

    "You : AX COMPANY.good morning.
    Caller:hello.i’d like to speak to Mr.x,please.
    You: who's speaking,please?
    Caller: this is Berna08 of POWER COMPANY.
    You: hold the line,please.i'll put you through...Go ahead ,Mr...,you"re through..."
    and you can use other formal sentece like:
    - could you (repeat please!)or (say that again)!
    - allow me ,to take my ...,please!
    - i'm sorry ,could you speak up ,please! or speak loudly
    so, friend i hope it's clear for you
    wish you a good time and please confirm ok

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