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Questions: to take an order and lost of time and emails

Dear All
I am having just starting the free English lesson. It´s very interesting get emails with different parts of practices. I have to work during the week sometimes around 7 pm and I down find the sometime to answer the emails.
I am being pleased, that the lessons are stop and only getting on if I answered the lesson.

If I take an order for three month, would that procedure that same?
Or what´s happen, if I have not time to answer any email for one month, would I lost one month of money/ practices?
Is there a certain quantity of emails for three month and time would be extended?

Possibly, some students with experience can answer to my questions!

Thank you in advance for answers.

Best regards



  • Send an email to

    As I have a nearly two years experience I can tell you that by subscribing you decide the days of the week when you want to get a lesson.
    As long as you haven't returned your workout completed, the same lesson keeps waiting for you. You can, at your best convenience, modify the rythm of your lessons. You also can suspend for some time. Read the clauses of the subscribing.
    About the payment I think it's a package deal.
    In my opinion, if you are about to take our lesson once in a while , for instance every 15th of the month, I think it's no use getting subscribed, it's wasting money and deceptive about learning as well.
    Make up your mind.

    I take the liberty to rewrite the first 5 lines of your notice in order to allow you pinpointing some bugs.
    Here you are:
    I have just started the free English lessons. It´s very interesting to get emails with different parts of practice. I have to work during the week, sometimes till around 7 pm and I don't find the time to answer the emails.
    I am then pleased that the lessons do stop and only go on to the next one after answering the previous one.
    If I place an order for three months, would that procedure be the same?

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