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Issue about Listenning

Hi! my name is Fausto...I'm working in a transnational enterprise and currently my boss is an american person. She likes to make a meeting by phone and ask me to participate on it. I have a big problem coz' i cant heard her. She speak too fast, seems like words are too closer between them and i can't understand the topic.
Please Could anyone give me some tips for this issue? ThanX
Best Regards!

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  • Another idea or suggestion for you: go to a library or to a book-store and look for travel guide books in English, sometimes they are with cd's or cassettes with the dialogues which you can listen to. There you can find English-Spanish typical short scenes of everyday situations: In a hotel, asking for the way, in a restaurant, and so on.
  • Hi Vicas,

    perhaps you can work out typical situations, which you meet in your profession, a few or many, write the sentences down and repeat them all the time in front of a mirror as to speaking to a real person.
    After each contact make a little notice about what you didn't know, what you wanted to say but couldn't and then ask all of us in the forum who will certainly help you to choose good expressions.

    have a nice day!
  • hi everybody... Im Victoria from Veracruz Mexico, and I have a problem, I like so much the English lenguage but its very difficult for me to speak it, Im learning myself by books and I like to listen it.... but when i need to spek I really have a problem.... in my job its very important to speak the englihs becouse Im working in a front desk of the International Hotel.... can you give me a tips for help me????....Thanks... and have a nice day...

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