English Idioms

Help me to learn

I'll learn english so please can you give me some links of good free courses. thanks


  • I don't know... I'm looking that too....

    I wait somebady answer us....ha, ha, ha
  • To Crema y Cafe.

    That is what you are looking for too. In the sense of seek, search, one looks for something.

    You are expecting that somebody answers you. To expect is to consider as possible, as probable. If you expect an answer, you think an answer is going to come.
    But you also may simply wait for an answer. You just stay there, twiddling your thumbs, having a big laugh with ha, ha, ha, until someone answers. You are waiting for somebody to give you an answer.
    One always waits for something or for someone to do, except in some cases like to wait a moment, a signal.
    Wait a minute! Got it?

    Don't worry. Be lucky.
    Never mind (another way of telling you: don't worry).
    Making mistakes is a good way to improve one's speech, the best being that the mistakes be corrected.
    Keep up the good work, Crema y Cafe. Hope to see you soon over here.
  • Nice to meet you all here,

    Perhaps you would like to read the Ney York Times every morning http://www.nytimes.com/

    Besides, did you test the 10 free lessons of gymglish to know your personnal language level?

    Or the ten minutes free english e-mails for all language levels http://learnenglish.de/improvepage.htm

    And google is your friend. Try to seek "english for free" and wait for the results. Good luck!

  • You can go into the following site: www.AnglaisFacile.com
    Good luck my dear!


    From Ahmed Mel:
    I'll learn english so please can you give me some links of good free courses. thanks

  • hi.. I'm trying to improve my english so I was wondering if you can give more links ...so I can practice ..thank you!
  • Hello Gwendo
    I see you know Peter Carter ! my favorite podcaster !
  • I`m very thankful wth this course. I`d like to speak English fluently, but it cost me a little. I`m studying every day. I take advantage of every moment that I have here, in my office, I`m lawyer`s secretary since 12 years.
    Travel to the countries where English is spoken, will be difficult for me, perhaps because I don`t have enough money to do it. But I`d like to speak English very well and teach it another people.
    Thanks GymGlish for this opportunity.


  • hi i'm safa i would like to learn a lot of english proverbs
  • the problem is that we don't know if the answer is correct , because it seems it's never given by somebody whose mother tongue is english. sorry about that

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