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Hi, I'm intermediate and hoping to practice in that level !

I'm a computer technician, I live near the US-Mexico border. English is mandatory here, being a technician, I learnt it since elementary school.
I took several courses too, and met a lot of people who speak English, from different countries.
Use to work in a maquila, where I had to read and answer memos 100% in English, and speak a little too.
However, I make a lot of mistakes.
I hope there's somebody who wants to practice in that level, and if someone wants to correct me, it's ok!


  • I wonder what could be corrected in your tip. I for one couldn't speak better.
    Up until now I didn't know what a maquila (maquiladora)was. Thanks to you I got to know it in the Wiki.
  • Thanx Gee.
    Great command of English.
    I've seen your comment to zeyna, and I wonder if the word "buckaroos" is after the word "vaqueros" in spanish, 'cause it sounds the same.
    Maybe its a frontier word.
    See you.

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