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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This topic is all about love!

Use it to share your thoughts on your lesson on love!

Discuss those love idioms in full, can you give examples of how to use them, or just post new idioms!

Do chat up lines work? Which are the best ones? My favourite one was by a German in thick glasses who said "You are coming home with me."

And finally, spread the message of luuuurrrve, people!!

Yours lovingly,
Saint Valentine, aka Eros, aka Cupid, aka Barry White


  • Hey Saint Valentine! Hey Eros! Hey Cupid! Hey Barry White!

    Love Love Love - a beautiful Word, a beautiful Story - Some of my prefered expressions heard this morning:

    ---> 'Peace Out Chicks - what are you up to tonight?'
    ---> 'Dude! You're gorgeous today Honey! What's happened?'

    Some will come later.

    Willy - Sincerely, in love.
  • BOuuuh ! I am so sad. My girlfreind is so far away. She has gone to in USA for one year. Near by Minneapolis. You couldn't understand my pain.
    It is really a bad St Valentine this year. (lol).
    But fortunately, I received a big great mail from Gymglish lesson today, and now it's alright. Thank you gymglish, thank you !! Sincerly !
  • Bad to you, Mathiou!oooh!
    Have you got a bag of fleas?
    A proverb says that it's easier to guard a sack full of fleas than a girl in love - especially if she has moved overseas.

    Good to you, Mathiou, that she moved to Minneapolis and not to New-York!
  • Oh !! I didn't know this proverb but it is very funny. I remember that for a next time. Normally she should come back in june, just before the next summer. I am truly dying to see her.
  • If I were you, Mathiou, I would skip some months from now to June.
    And take care of her. Don't let her stop over in Kennedy Airport on her flight back to you, because a certain Gail Parent, who is experienced in that matter, reports this fact: Girls who are having a good sex thing stay in New York. The rest want to spend their summer vacations in Europe.
    Take care of both of you.
  • Where's Elizabeth? I want a smackeroon.

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