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Live in a new country

Hello Evrybody,

Fist excuse me for my english ! I know that i make a lot of mistakes but i really want to improve my level !!!
So we've just moved with my Family to a new country. We're French and now me are living in Switzerland.
I'm very interested to speack with people who live in Switzerland.
Or have some advices by people who had moved a lot ?
Thanks by advance.


  • Impossible to get "advices" in English, dear Fabienne who recently moved from France to Switzerland, even from best globetrotters, because advice is uncountable. So, some people could give you some advice, or, if you really want a plural, they could give you some pieces of advice.
    Enjoy your new country of residence.
    By the way, may I ask you which part of Switzerland you live in for now?

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