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Hello, I need help to learn english

I have difficulties to communicate in english, I must improve my level (it is very important for my job) and I don't know what is the best methode. Could you help me.


  • Hi yastene and José,

    like both of you I try to improve my communication skills. What really helpes me is listening to audio books in English (for example when I´m driving in my car) or watching BBC or CNN on TV. Perhaps it is a good method to learn by listening first (like babies: they first listen to their mother tongue and learn to understand before they start to speak themselves). I sometimes speak to myself in English when I´m alone, as there is nobody for a face to face conversation in English. The only handycap is that you don´t become aware of your mistakes. Maybe this forum is helpful? Maybe some advanced learner reads our statements and advises us of our mistakes so that we can improve??
    That would be great!

    Greetings from Bremen, Germany
  • Hello Imed,
    My email address is:
    Many thanks, I appreciate your help.
  • I have difficulties to communicate in english, I must improve my level (it is very important for my job) and I don't know what is the best methode. Could you help me.
  • Funny, funny. I scratched your back, you scratch mine. I take it so. Though I feel ashamed, all the more so since, living in northern France, I am working on a factory over the Belgian border where people speak Flemish, a country form of Dutch. In Flemish as in Dutch they'd have addressed you with: Aan Yanne uit Bremen.

    I am working as handyman. Since you can twig why I made the pun with my cap. Some ten years ago when I was hired, people paid no heed to me. But relations changed little by little, as, spurred by my boss, I perfected my French and later took up learning English. I feel respected now. I often think to myself that there are no odd jobs, only odd people.
    To this point I'd know whether you read this one recently issued in the international press:
    Otunba Olusegun Rwusewe, who is director-general of the Nigera Tourism Development Corporation, has a new plan to install pay Porta Potties at markets, transportation hubs and festivals. He declared: "I was passing through Heathrow airport and I spoke to the manager of the toilets there. He's an educated man, and he told me there was a lot of money to be made in that line of work."
    Don't worry, Yanne, I'm not in charge of the bathroom stalls, toilets or other potties in my factory!!

    Before taking my leave I want to congratulate you, Yanne, for being a talented inventor. Your new special symbol TFC is gonna take place besides the CW and CS long time set up by Silky.

    So long,
  • Zu Yanne von Bremen (= to Yanne of Bremen, say, I'm not sure my German is correct.)

    line 1, What really helps me...
    line 2, .. driving in my car.. might be correct, but most commonly one drives one's car. One can also drive in one's bed by dreaming driving a car.
    line 5, handicap; handycap doesn't exist, unless it would be the cap of a handyman. (lol)

    Just this piece of information: Your say "Maybe some advanced learner (...) That would be great!" can simply be replaced with a code of two letters, CW, that mean Corrections are welcome.

    So long,
  • Hello yastene,
    how are you ? and where are you for the last time ?
    i think you're very busy at work,
    i hope you're fine , i have sent you a small document can help you on grammar ,
    please confirm your receive of the file.
    wish you a good time
  • Good morning,
    Many thanks for your confidence to me .
    wish you a dynamic week and fine times
  • Good morning,
    i'm imed ,î hope you will speak and learn very well english
    so,i advice you to watch program TV (english),and you must read in english also i think the best methode that if you can communicate with your friends directly ( face to face).
    can you give me your address email so,i will send you a small file help you to build your base in english.
    wish you a nice weekend,
  • Hi: I'm in the same situation. At this time, have you the reponse about the best methode ?

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