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I don't receive my emails every day, is this normal?

Hello everybody,

I'm new in Gymglish and I'm very pleased to have discovered this method. I am in the process of testing for 2 months.

It's very interesting and when I received the first lesson, I began to work and I was very happy.

I had checked the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to receive emails. I was waiting the next lesson for the next day... But I received it one week after and my enthusiasm dropped...

And my question is : does it receives its lessons once a week or once a day?

See you soon.



  • Hi Sarah.

    Welcome among us. In theory, you're the one who's scheduled the e-mails. You can check this schedule at the bottom of every received e-mail and you can also change it. The test is free for the first ten e-mails... So 'once a week' means 'ten weeks' and 'once a day' means 'two weeks' (there's no more than five lessons a week).
    Is it clear ?

    Have a nice day.

  • Hello Pat,

    Thanks for your answer and your welcome. I eventually understand and when I receive my correction, I send again this one and the next day I receive the next lesson.

    I try to write in English, and it's a new experience :-).

    See you soon.


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