The Delavigne Corporation

What do you peep at in the boardroom?

Hello there !
Did you visit the new actual site of the Delavigne corporation?
As I was invited to turn on the light, I did, and discovered so many features of the staff characters.
If you want, as GGuser, to make the most of your lessons, I for one think you must study the details of the characters and cross-check the features with their demeanor along the stories.
I took on my inquiry with Bruno – Honor to whom honor is due (proverb still in force at the Delavigne’s.)

The background history as mentioned in his file seemed stick to the reality.
I eventually dwelled on his hobbies.
I am listing hereafter my notes on each point and I’d be happy if some fellow GG users would be so kind as to confirm or infirm my opinion.

Bungee jumping.
A sporting friend of mine who is used to bungee jumping told me he might met Bruno jumping at the Victoria Falls last year. Bungee jumping is a form of suicide jumping, even though succeeding is not so much guaranteed as jumping from the 13th store window of a building.
My question is: Does Bruno have suicide envies hidden in his unconscious, or maybe even in his subconscious? He might make an appointment with Donna Donnavan.

Scuba diving.
I’ve been said he scuba dived every Monday morning in the Delavigne’s premises pool? Just as a training I guess.
My question is: Will he dive for pearls which are to be plunged into the Delavigne’s perfume bottles?

Piloting helicopter.
He lately crashed a balloon into the Pacific Ocean (refer to Funky Friday).
My question is: Has his PPL (Private Pilot License) been renewed?

Crosswords puzzles
He only practices crosswords with perfumes names.
My question is: Is it to find out names for Horatio’s new products?

Russian roulette
He is told gambling with the corporation’s cash.
My question is: Is Del. Corp. about to file for bankruptcy?

It takes two to tango. Besides, romantic status of Bruno is rated as murky.
My question is: Taking these two facts into account, with whom is Bruno used to tangoing?

High-powered Business Negotiations
My question is: Are they powered with renewable energy sources?

Dutch literature
Dutch literature is very mean. You count the prominent writers on one hand’s fingers.
My question is: Is knack for business incompatible with culture?

Chinese checkers
Il joue donc aussi avec les dames de Chine !
No question. All has been said.

Transcendental Meditation.
My question: Does Luna’s power completely overcome Bruno’s conscience?

**Warning about quotes.
A bug is spoiling the third of the three quotes reported in Bruno’s file.
You must read “be” instead of “have” so as to make: “We can’t be monkeys running all over the place.”


  • Are you suggesting Bruno is a monkey at the end of your post? I hate monkeys. I won't have it!

    But what about Brian Jones' interests? Some of them are a bit... surprising, no?
  • Well, Captain, I do not suggest anything. Bruno is quoted as saying "We can't be monkeys running all over the place." Why such a statement? He might think he would be turning monkey so many monkeys Horatio makes run through the Delavigne's premises. As birds of a feather flock together, it's understandable that Bruno might get like a monkey. Be sure he decided to hold out against the saying, hence the reported quotation.

    About Jones, Captain? What's your opinion?
    It kicks ass indeed as you have a glance at that character’s file.
    On one hand, he is quite conventional and unable to invent something that goes out of the ordinary. His uniform way of introducing himself is a token of the rigorous education he received in Oxford. Perfect uttering, pronunciation, social habits.
    On the other hand, he is very keen on ass. Either on kicking ass, or having sex that side.
    Henceforth I am going to look at him as at a double faced character, a kind of Tartuffe.
    Is Brian a spy?, says his biographer. That could be true.
  • When is the next stag party scheduled?
  • From Sandy Ayeomen:
    When is the next stag party scheduled?


    I don't think Brian Jones is getting married any time soon.

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