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Good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

HIIIII!! I'm Flo and since I know this site I LOVE it! Fine; I d'like the same in spanish. I'm in terminale S nd hop someone to talk with me tonight to train my level AND make knowledge!???

I feel so lonely!!!!!


  • Hello flora,
    i'm imed i'd like to help you ,but i can write to u and send u many easy things can helps u
    also i'd like know more about your self,what is your favorite muisc ?
    what do think about sport ? where is the country you dream to spend your holiday at it ?
    see you soon
  • Hello Imed!!
    Nice to meet you and thanks to answer me. I like differents sorts of music. I'm fond of Radiohead, Muse, ACDC... but I also like techno: Ghetta, Sinclar. It's fun! Sport is wears an important value for me. I enjoy practising judo (brown belt for the moment) and I'd practised tennis for 7years. I dream to go to Perou 'cause his civilization had always facinated myself. More over dry and hot countries attract me.

    And what about you? What kind of music do you prefer? What do you want to become later (job)? What your profesion at the moment?
    Bye. See you soon too!!
  • Hello flora,
    many thanks for you too, now I’m training for my future job in the petroleum company (I hope)at the moment my titlejob is material coordinator . My hobbies are: to practice sport “swimming and aerobic “ ,to know people from every where in order to build a good relationship in the world and to do the peaceful things for the others , my second language is French, my favorite music i like techno, french rap i kindly ask you ,your address email to i can send things help you . for this excuse-me !
    bye ,let me see you !
  • Hello Imed,

    How are you? I'd really like to give you my address e-mail but I wouldn't feel very secured if I put it in the forum. If I do that, everybody can send me bad things maybe... well I don't know. However I'm interested. But if you want, you might tell me your address. Then I'll send you my answer. What do you think about it?

    Thanks for the proposition, well I'm waiting for your answer. May I know what's your nationality? I'm french. Goodbye. See you soon!
  • Hello flora,
    i'm fine thanks
    so,this is my address, and i'm waiting for yours
    i'm sorry for this short answer today i'm very busy at work
    wish you a nice time
    see you soon
  • Bonjour!!

    Hello people..

    I need practice english too...

    i'm new..

    I'm from Costa Rica and my maternal languaje is Spanish...
    one day i would like learn french... I have a french's friend...

    this gymglish is from France?
  • Welcome to you, Ysik.
    Don't fail to write something everyday on this forum. It's a way to practice.
    Like Spanish is written with a capital S, English and French are also worth a capital letter. You have a French friend. (here French is adjective)
    See you soon,
  • Hello Silk,

    I would be very pleased to have our e mail adress
  • hello everybody i'm new here and i'd like to perform my English.i'm from Algeria and you know we don't use English in here so it's a little bit difficult for me to practice it.thank you very much for reading my comment and i'll be thankful if somebody can help me

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