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Gymglish still suitable for advanced learners?


As I don't know where to place my question elsewhere, I try it here.

After having used Gymglish for a couple of months, I'm now wondering whether I should continue with Gymglish or not. I really enjoy the daily lessons but there seem to be more and more repetitions (particularly in grammar). My current general level is at 5.0.

Thanks in advance for your opinions or recommendations

Betty Blue


  • Hello Betty blue!
    I heard your cry, I think you should try Practise English! Hablar inglés al quotidian on Nintendo DS if you can. I still have it, it's not bad you know. Funny. You have current dialogues and you can speak with it (DS detects sounds.). Or BBC pero no sé màs. Bye I hope I helped you and see you later Betty
  • Hi Cynthia,

    Thanks for your advices - you're totally right that practising English will be the best way for further improvements! However, I'm still wondering whether Gymglish might be a suitable additional (daily) instrument to move on.

    Kind regards

    Betty Blue
  • As long as you dare write advice with an s at its end, I think you have still much to learn at the GymGlish, my dear.
    It's up to you to guess whether this program might be suitable for improvement or not. I think it depends on everyone.
    There are a lot of beginners here around in this forum.
    But there are also advanced people. Gee for example said he was an old bean here, having attended the GG for about two years yet. Ask him what's his thought.
    For my part, even though it's the first time I jot down something in the forum, I've been monitoring it for a long time. I enjoy my GG workout. Maybe some others don't.
    Make up your mind, betty blue.
    But don't turn blue.
    The sky is blue to you.
    Regard your future with favour (inside or outside GG, at your best convenience)

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