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The Past Perfect

The sentence "we would have won the game if we had a great player like him" to my understanding lacks of a "had" just located before the "had" in the sentence. It had to be a Past Perfect instead of a Past and so we would say "we would have won the game if we had had a great player like him". Am I right?


  • I agree, Ixtap, the original sentence is incorrect.
    The last part of the sentence: "if we had a great player like him" is matched to the present conditional tense in the first part: "We would win the game".
    Therefore we have this double option:
    At present: "We would win the game if we had a great player like him".
    In the past: "We would have won the game if we had had a great player like him".
    I don't think I am wrong, but maybe one of the Gymglish superior authorities will contradict me...
  • I have problems in pronunciation and writing.please can you help me.thinks
  • hello......

    I don't thing you're wrong......I would have applie the same sentance.....now.....who can tell us.....who is right?
  • hello....Ennasri....

    how could we help you........

    it would be pleasant for us to help you......

    pronunciation??? in this case of course .......i can't anyting..........( dont care of your "accent"......in France they think......"c'est toujours trop mignon........."

    for your writing...........

    Well i'm rather.....not so bad.........

    if you need..........I maybe sometime....can help you.....

    with pleasure............

    see you..maybee soon.........

  • What is the diference between these sentences:

    I will go to the airport tomorrow.

    I am going to go to the airport tomorrow.

    what of the two sentences is correct and why?
  • For my part I use both sentences according to what happens to me.

    Just now I have a breakdown of my left wing. I cannot take off. As I though want to fly to Modena, I book a flight that takes off tomorrow. I say to my fellow angel: "I will go to the airport tomorrow."
    Note that the decision is taken now.

    Brent has planned his vacation yet. (Brent is American, if he had been British he'd have planned his holiday.)
    Two weeks ago he got a flight ticket. Take-off on Septembre 10.
    Today September 9, he says to his colleague "I'm going to go to the airport tomorrow."
    Note that the fact has been planned for some time.

    Disclaimer: The writer of this tip is neither a native nor an English teacher. Take the tip with all proper reserve. More is to be said about that.
  • I'm sorry to ask you , how we will know the right answer, if all of us are apprentices. please could you just tell us, when it is right or wrong? it is really important for our knowledge.

    many thanks
  • Don't feel sorry, Freddy. This forum is not monitored by the GymGlish staff, by no one else either. It's a free space where you can meet with others learners just as if you were in a schoolyard. The forum is what visitors make of it, for better or for worse.

    Notably you can notice that several tips posted in this very thread have nothing to do with the topic (Past Perfect). Though, as long as your question or your say is worth answering, there will be some advanced learners to give you a hand. Stay confident, Freddy.
    "United we stand." That's a Belgian motto. Let's make it true.

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