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I missed lessons and I can't follow

where looking for all story because I think to miss bits of story. You see I have a lot of problems in English.
Thank you


  • hi all , and thank you a BIG BROTHER ,

    You did it good i found ur interference was helpful . go farther ...

    See you soon
  • Hi my dear I 'm same like you ,my english to is like yours .Me to I want to improuve mine but I don't no how can I do?
  • Hello La Belle Tracy,
    Even if you did not speak to me, I take the liberty to step in your chat with Zoe.
    Just to cheer you on. Yes, your English is more like Chinese for now, just like was mine some time ago. Just work a bit on a daily basis, achieve your GG lesson and come on around here to have a chat.
    Here is your say as I had said myself:

    Hi my dear, I'm just like you, my English is like yours too.
    Hi my dear, I'm the same as you, my English is the same as yours too.

    Me to want = typical Chinese!
    I want to improve mine (my English, hey, not yours!!!)
    I would have said:
    I want to improve it but I don't know how to do. (or: how I could do, or: how I can do).

    See you soon.

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