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hello!! I want to know new friends to speak english even if i'm not verry verry good :-§ I'm 16 years if you have the same age that be good. GOOOOD DAY everybody !!!!!


  • hello camiillou: my daugther , 18 years old is probably the same firstname as you....but she dislike english....anyway...where do you come from ?
  • Is camiillou going to speak to camiillou. So what? She could speak to herself anyway.
    But forestine79 hinted that Camille, her 18-year old daughter, wouldn't talk in English with a girl probably going by the same first name. Not that she would dislike the partner, but she dislikes English.
    As camiillou is looking for someone of her age to practise English, forestine79's daughter could not match the call. What a dreary prospect!

    You notice that I talk for the sake of talking. That's chat up indeed!

    [Aside to forestine79 - Nice to read you again, Forestine, after so long! I'd be pleased to meet with you more often. Your Gee.]
  • I am far more that 16, Camillou.
    Bad to me. Good to you.
    I won't give you the flu.
    Go off into the blue.
    Friends you'll get to know. At least a few.
    Find by me. It's true.

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