English Vocabulary

abbreviations of words

It's trendy to shorten words at any corner of one's speech.
Most often it's easy to catch the word which the short tip stands for.
However some words came recently forward that I couldn't identify. Who would be so kind as to help me?

ba - bro - chop (it's not a chop) - da - dum - exa - flust - gid - husb - ity - mo - nig - perm - scrot - sis - tum.

So long


  • Just my feeling:
    My bro is my brother, my sis is my sister, our da is our dad.
    At 35 my sis is still a spinster, so she has no husb.
    For the rest of the list, just a mo! I'll be back in a minute.

    My sister wears a perm - her hair is permed.
    I use to call tum her belly because she is a bit potbellied.
    I never call her a nig because she isn't a nigger.

    When I am in a fluster, I might miss the last syllable.
    The same goes when I am giddy.
    I might mistake a scrot with a bum.
    Now I am exhausted, I have to take my leave.

    Before leaving I must tell you: don't believe all that jazz. Maybe I am in a flust...
  • Gee wrote:I use to call tum her belly because she is a bit potbellied.

    Maybe you are used to calling her belly TUM because tummy is often used instead of belly especially by children.
  • I thank both of you.
    I find it funny the way you were aquainting me, Gee.
    Even if your "jazz" is shaky, it's worth reading. (By the way, is it real jazz?)
    And Silky is quite right (as always besides!),
    If Gee's sis is potbellied, his wee bro who is skinny has got a flat tummy.
    See you,
  • Hello Sandy,
    This is the Guardian Angel.

    I need to acquaint you with a fact that seems to be awkward: your keyboard is missing the c key! I searcherd through your message of the 03/04 and no the smallest c could be found out.
    If I were you, I'd right away get in touch with Bob Carter so that he could replace your failing keyboad by a brand new one.
    In the mean time you could type on the star instead of the failing c key. So did Polly who happened to run into the same problem as yours with the e key of her keyboard. So you could right up get a*quainted by Gee.

    You asked for all that jazz. I recently learned it from Bruno himself.
    All that jazz, the whole caboodle, five-and dime, five-and-ten, odds and ends, odds and sods, and whatnot...
    Say to say, all those things are holdall bags.

    God(s) bless you.

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