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Our land of the free

This forum is our land of the free.
(Really free, as Cuba's Guatanamo isn't next door.)
Your are free to speak or not to speak.
Your are free to jot down a beautiful say or sprinkle it with bugs.
And, first and foremost, we stay free after speaking.


  • are free to read or not to read , but I like reading in the lounge!
    you are free to understand or not , and I don't understand every thing!
    you are free to take time for your GGlish lesson, or not!
    you are free to open the forum or not, and I open it every day after the lesson (before the correction
    you are free to take time to answer the GG topics, and I don't have time enough
    you are free to find friend to speak to (on skype for example) so it's a very good way to improve once English !!
  • Let´s say we are realy free , for the purposes what u are wroten here, but sometimes i feel that i need to openning my GYG lesson to learn further , but i have no desire or i find it sometimes not easy to beginning on it . Do you think that iam realy free in such cases ?

    For all , please feel free to correct my mistakes ...

  • Hi Khalife,
    You are a philosopher. You speak of the balance between liberty and conditioning, don't you?
    Let me report once more an aphorism I like most. It is by Hannah Arendt, one of your fellow-philosopher:
    "I am not the author of my life, I am nothing but its actor, and patient."

    Being made free for suggesting some corections, I'd just say:
    really (double l)
    the purposes which/that you wrote here
    I need to open
    not easy to begin with/not easy to start with

    So long,

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