English Idioms

"Il pleut comme vache qui pisse"

Peter,english young man,was spending a week in France with two french friends Sylvie and Jean.
While it was raining, Jean said: "Il pleut comme vache qui pisse..."
"What did mean that?"asked Peter.
It means: "Il pleut beaucoup, énormement"

Another day Peter declared to Sylvie: "Je vous aime comme vache qui pisse"!!!

It's a nice avowal of love, isn'it?


  • (continued)
    A week after.

    Sylvie has already jilted Jean. Although having felt herself described like a cow with its tail up having a big leak - a self-image that will never suffer any senior moment -, Sylvie is looking up to Peter as he is wearing round his head the glorious halo of The British handsome gentleman whom she will forgive for anything.
    Returning Peter’s visit yet, Sylvie is spending a while with him in England.

    As it has been raining cats and dogs all the morning long, a sunny spell breaks through.
    “Oh shit!” says peter “I’d like it go on till the end of the day.”
    “What does that mean?” asks Sylvie.
    “Oh marvelous! I’d like that sunny marvel go on till night”, replies the gentleman.

    Some moment later, Sylvie declares with a sunny smile: “Oh Peter, I’d like to shit on you until the end of my life.”

    It is a lovely return of avowal, isn’t it?

  • Haha! That made me laugh like a cow having a piss.

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